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Never argue with idiots. They will first drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

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A reminder to everyone that the Internet is public by design

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Here's a lovely local bit of steampunk tech come to save the day, from 1852:

"Because of the 911 outages, a resident ran outside and pulled the fire box on the sidewalk.

“I give credit to the resident for knowing to pull that box,” Firefighter Marc Sanders said.

The box system dates back to 1852. Sanders says the boxes are independent from any utility company and run off a low voltage battery system."

I was experimenting with a french press earlier today and was surprised by the results. Is it normal to get coffee that is not bitter at all with this method?

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CAUTION: Your hand will be touched by an even smaller hand!

I need a hug with no strings attached right now. Maybe more than one hug...

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Hi Mastodon I was laid off suddenly last month and I'm on the job hunt.

I am an experienced game developer in the Seattle area. I do game engineering and design, and I have skills in a bunch of areas including programming, visual design, illustration, and others.

My portfolio of work can be found here:

If you're hiring please get in touch, if you'd like to help please boost. Thanks


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There was so much promise here, and yet it has faded so quickly, why?

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We have now restored the sun to its normal functioning state. Maintenance was carried out successfully and we anticipate no lingering problems or further downtime. However, please report any experiences of dimness, flickering, altered color balance or other solar phenomena promptly so we may address any issues.


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So my friend @da_667 has published the book he's been working on for the past year-ish.

If you're looking to set up a malware analysis lab or any kind of similar situation, this is an excellent resource that will show you exactly what to do.

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