'I am a professional front end dev. I am going to share some tips and tricks with you.'

Homepage needs 8 seconds to load. I think I pass on this one.

So, it is almost 6am. The most important accounts are more secure and I am pretty happy about it.
Time to get ready to do groceries.

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Is anyone using Matrix? I've set up an account and want to chat with someone.

It takes longer than expected, but it was long overdue. I think it will take a couple more hours. until I am done.

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I have a fairly rare last name, but the .com-domain had been registered for years without any use. Last week I've got lucky and registered the respective domain.

I've been neglecting my security measurements for various accounts for a while now. Time to fix it. Tedious work, but I rather do it now before it is too late.

That will take some time.

@ScottMortimer I see, makes sense. I wasn't in the mood for a full rant haha

"Non Sequitur or “It Does Not Follow” – When what is presented as evidence or reason is irrelevant or adds very little support to the conclusion."

That is the only fitting description I've found for this term. Well, I agree in this case.

@gcluley 'We've got a hostage - transfer Bitcoin to this address or else...'

@JohnsNotHere Sorry, I meant 'hosting' in form of podcast preparation, what kind of topics to choose, problems you had and so on. Just some personal experience, nothing technical.

@JohnsNotHere Sad to hear, but thankful for the already published content!
I am interested to hear your experience in hosting and managing the podcast. Have you planned to publish anything related to this?

alias roulette='[ $[ $RANDOM % 6 ] == 0 ] && rm -f $(shuf -n1 -e *) && echo "BOOM" || echo *Click*'

Russian Roulette for Linux. Deletes a random file if you are unlucky.

Is anyone registered on lobste.rs and can invite me? Would appreciate it.

Is anyone learning Python's web framework Flask by any chance? I want to start coding and a coding buddy seems like a great idea.
- create simple web apps in Flask (for the beginning)
- learn about auto-deploying
- (later) Docker
- work with Git in a small team

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