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Vim on a 6k screen is an amazing experience - easily fitting 4 files on screen vertically with enough space horizontally to do a hsplit. This is actually getting close to cognitive overload and 1/3 browser 2/3 vim is what I’m using most of the time

Published “Adding two factor authentication to admin” explaining how to add support for TOTP based 2FA with only a few LOC :)

I remember the time before getting involved in infosec - I call it "No matter what I do to protect myself, some lazy developer will expose me to risk beyond my control".

Yesterday I had one of those „ohh,…“ moments in which you realise something you consider normal but actually sounds absurd when you think about it.

No matter how expensive and powerful the hardware I’m working on is, my editor of choice was first released nearly 30 years ago.

@fallenhitokiri I remember the Time I had no clue about the Internals of a PC and that there's more then just M$.

I call it the happily nosh what kills you time.

I remember the time before getting involved in infosec - I call it „shipping side projects without anxiety and hatred for every line of code“

As we mentioned in the blog post, this is our next step to help decentralize #WriteFreely and give everyone more choice in who maintains their data and infrastructure.

@Cloud68 shares our values of privacy and user freedom, which is why we knew they were the perfect fit for a collaboration like this.

Read more on their website:

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The FinalCut demo with three streams tells you all you need to know about the next 5 years formte Mac Pro / iMac Pro. But I’m excited about the transition - hope to see them iterate fast.

Posted a short rant about my experience with the UniFi Dream Machine Pro. I‘d suggest waiting a bit before getting one, the product has lots of potential, but surely isn’t polished yet.

Which does not mean all the tools out there are bad - except for Wordpresses stupid Gutenberg editor - but I developed a pretty good idea what exactly I want over the last few years.

Adding to that this is like a 4 or 5 hour task to build using Django and from there likely not a lot of maintenance (considering I upgraded large Django projects all the way from 0.96-svn to the current 3.x branch without many problems)

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Thinking about the next software I will use to host my blog I more and more come to the conclusion that a small, self build app is the way to go.

I still like the idea of static site generators, but I cannot find one that is remotely as usable as I want it to be or flexible enough for what I am trying to accomplish.

I would also have to rely on third party services like Webmentions for a half assed integration that won‘t check all the boxes.

Hm I actually got enough spare parts to build a 5TB raid 1 system I could use as semi cold storage. While we don’t have lots of data to actually backup it’s still around 1.6TB, could be worth the time.

Posted some thoughts on - I am really curious to see how successful the service will be and what the customer base will look like.

Did I miss some vulnerability or are people just bored and randomly started scanning and brute forcing WP? Seeing a lot more Wordfence emails lately.

The amount of privilege some people show when discussing Apple and the AppStore is somewhere between disturbing and plainly arrogant.

Looking at people calling this out are really not well off with all the fanboys and haters, absolutely no need for all the drama. I’ll just stay off Twitter for a few days.

How to make sure I won’t even bother testing an app with IAP options.

I am confused. I am not sure if I like or hate SwiftUI. I am sure I’ll figure it out at some point. In the meantime I just press compile and enjoy the fact that the app looks exactly like the code suggests, something I cannot say about anything I ever did with Interface Builder.

I am aware that this isn’t a big deal (for me cutting always was a pain to get right and reproducible), but if that’s the first thing I see unboxing a new computer it’s still not a great experience.

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