I might not agree with every decision in mailchimps API, but I have to give them credit for how fast it is and how useful the error messages are

@R10T Building two smart mirrors and trying to figure out if I can make touch input work

@robertcc sounds good, thank you! I’d likely toy around with it and make sure ARM ports of some apps work properly. Maybe a small browser while on the gaming system.

It might be appealing for travel, but so far the iPad (plus VPN to my servers at home) served me well :)

I am tempt to order a Pinebook Pro, but I am also aware I’ll likely set myself up for disappointment. The Raspberry Pi 4 is doing a decent job. I don’t believe the PBP will even remotely be in the same league. And I technically don’t need a laptop, no matter how appealing the platform is :/

Published „Microblogging“ - it took me a few more months (after publishing my thoughts on the topic), but it is time to start posting a lot more. timo-zimmermann.de/2020/07/mic

Reminder: Springer has released a lot of digital textbooks for free in the last few months, and their special offer is ending on July 31st. There is no need to sign up to download the PDF and ePub files.

This lovely page has the full list of available titles: hnarayanan.github.io/springer-

Published „Just do it - on side projects and the paradox of choice“ - some advice I gave a junior engineer who nearly didn’t start a project because he couldn’t decide which technology to pick. timo-zimmermann.de/2020/07/jus

I don’t see them adding a web interface easily if remote dev is a bigger challenge as the architecture of the app likely never considered having two frontends - which is fine, 20 years ago no one could have reasonably predicted thin clients could become a viable option again. VSCode was lucky that it basically is just a web interface.

I really like their IDEs. They are a bit rough to configure and sometimes not as flexible as I’d like, but they work well. I really want to see them keep up

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The big differentiating factor for VSCode for me is remote development. Having all dependencies in a VM, same as prod, easily movable between systems is nice. Sadly JetBrains products fall short in that department, but they are working on it.

What I fear is that they will be too late for the next thing that’ll likely become relevant - going back to thin clients. Having all dev happen in the cloud and using a cheap chromebook / iPad / ...


Does anyone in Fediland have any experience using the new Mozilla VPN?

Please boost.


@fanta for the shipping cost you could likely get a used one on eBay :/

Do I know anyone in the Heidelberg / Mannheim area who needs a 21U server rack (max 500mm-ish depth)? Free for non-profit / educational / … orgs and projects. cc @rixx @leah for visibility

„Hey wanted to check in if you want to hear about our product that will ensure you cannot have data breaches“

„Sorry, we don’t use product that offer military grade encryption, our minimum standard is secret agency grade encryption“

Confused silence „I can check with our engineering team if we can offer that in near future“

I don’t even know what to do anymore. Lost my sales-rep-trolling-edge...

@JohnsNotHere this is exploitative and shows they do not value their candidates time. A short quiz or test during interview sure but this pop idol style job is downright disrespectful to candidates expected to work a week unpaid for them. I wouldn't even apply, can you name the company so I can warn others please?

I usually give VMware a hard time for their licensing model and broken web portals, but nothing is as bad as Parallels VMs network randomly blowing up and requiring three restarts of the VM to fix it.

Published “Security 101: Internal Threats” outlining a few easy things you can do to detect and mitigate some of the problems originating from within your organisation timo-zimmermann.de/2020/07/sec

@ddench I was testing it to see if we can get rid of our custom Debian AMI with carefully selected backports which are required to run software of questionable quality,...

Intel missed mobile. AMD is eating up workstation & server markets & gaining traction in notebooks. Apple started something that might cause a larger transition than currently predictable. And now they decide to piss of the gamers with their memory limits.

That’s not talking about their unnecessary instructions, lack of ECC support and vulnerabilities. It feels like Intel decided „ufff, we did well for so long because there was no competition. Competition is tiresome, let’s just sink the ship“.

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