Do I know anyone in the Heidelberg / Mannheim area who needs a 21U server rack (max 500mm-ish depth)? Free for non-profit / educational / … orgs and projects. cc @rixx @leah for visibility

How to make sure I won’t even bother testing an app with IAP options.

I am aware that this isn’t a big deal (for me cutting always was a pain to get right and reproducible), but if that’s the first thing I see unboxing a new computer it’s still not a great experience.

It’s slowly coming together. Still have to mount the antennas for the LTE backup connection, add the router, throw in the two USB drives acting as cold backup and mount the 4 SoC boards doing ARM builds. The holiday is way too short.

So in summary: someone wrote a bot which forces me to do something for the bot to leave me alone.

How polite.

First I Pression of the LG 5k2k is pretty good. Text not as crisp as on the iMac Pro if you have them side by side but I don’t think noticeable when using it a bit longer. Really like the wider aspect to fit a bit more on the screen

Upgraded our home connection yesterday - now waiting for the upstream option to be activated

Testing the Logitech G915 on a Mac - has some problems with the G80 (too high, caused some wrist pain), couldn’t find an ergonomic keyboard I like and the 915 seemed like the best option. Now to download the software to get rid of the unicorn vomit effect

server maintenance complete, running on all cores and memory banks with the SSD array up and thermals in a decent region again :)

I really enjoy this setup for occasionally working while not in the office.

I have to admit there is a certain beauty in this - looking forward to see how this scales to real world problems :)

We got a small shop in Heidelberg always worth visiting when looking for a treat. One of the reasons why I like shopping locally, the owner knows my preferences and keeps bottles like this in the back for me.

Lagavulin 200th anniversary edition

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