I am tempt to order a Pinebook Pro, but I am also aware I’ll likely set myself up for disappointment. The Raspberry Pi 4 is doing a decent job. I don’t believe the PBP will even remotely be in the same league. And I technically don’t need a laptop, no matter how appealing the platform is :/

@fallenhitokiri It's very inexpensive, surprisingly well crafted, and can completely pull duty as a daily driver for any obvious daily driving-level tasks, plus the community seems to be pretty great for it.

Let's those attributes/opinions serve as a proxy for owning it or fire to purchase one. :)

I really only use it to toy with, though I have used it as my travel laptop, when travel existed.

@robertcc sounds good, thank you! I’d likely toy around with it and make sure ARM ports of some apps work properly. Maybe a small browser while on the gaming system.

It might be appealing for travel, but so far the iPad (plus VPN to my servers at home) served me well :)

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