The big differentiating factor for VSCode for me is remote development. Having all dependencies in a VM, same as prod, easily movable between systems is nice. Sadly JetBrains products fall short in that department, but they are working on it.

What I fear is that they will be too late for the next thing that’ll likely become relevant - going back to thin clients. Having all dev happen in the cloud and using a cheap chromebook / iPad / ...


I don’t see them adding a web interface easily if remote dev is a bigger challenge as the architecture of the app likely never considered having two frontends - which is fine, 20 years ago no one could have reasonably predicted thin clients could become a viable option again. VSCode was lucky that it basically is just a web interface.

I really like their IDEs. They are a bit rough to configure and sometimes not as flexible as I’d like, but they work well. I really want to see them keep up

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