I really try to stick to positive toots but I have to make an exception today, sorry.

Who thought „oh if someone runs apt install they surely want a snap that breaks everything they know about the FS hierarchy and how services work“?!

Ubuntu was garbage and it’s getting worse.

@fallenhitokiri I've run Ubuntu in a VM to see if it was worth moving - such a popular distro, but so much nonsense as soon as you look past the brown. If it's your personal machine - move away - a new OS takes getting used to the quirks, but Fedora, and Debian have Linuxy quirks, not "here's a middle finger to 50 years of Unix tradition" quirks. And if it's business, CEntOS opensuse and Debian still fit the free bill...

@ddench I was testing it to see if we can get rid of our custom Debian AMI with carefully selected backports which are required to run software of questionable quality,...

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