Henry Cavill is most definitely the perfect choice to have played Geralt of Rivia. He's easy on the eyes, has the same look and physique, and is himself a huge fan of the games.

@JPEG I fully agree, but the physique part. IMHO he’s more buff than Geralt in the games, but that doesn’t hurt at all :)

@fallenhitokiri @JPEG Do you recommend playing the games to better enjoy the Netflix series?


@shahaan @JPEG hard to tell - my wife enjoys the series and never played the games, I played the games and read the books and also enjoy it, but am a bit more picky than her with certain things since I have a mental image of how things are supposed to look like.

@fallenhitokiri @JPEG Hmm. Yeah I see what you mean. I suppose Netflix wouldn’t limit their series to a larger potential audience by making the enjoyment of it rely on being familiar with the games. I guess I’ll check it out, thanks! :)

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