Looks like Elixir and Phoenix are next on my „to learn list“. So far the ecosystem looks promising, the VM solid and the language not too bad.

Likely going to spend two or three weekends on theory and finger practice and then implement a small side project I was thinking about for some time.

@fallenhitokiri I ❤️ Elixir + Phoenix. The language features (like pattern matching and pipe operator) combined with amazing tooling definitely make me more productive as a web developer

@stringlytyped so far I am not impressed with the developer tooling to be honest - for some reason without a mix project I don’t get IntelliSense to work with VSCode or vim.

But from what I’ve read so far tooling to get code to production and debug issues should be amazing :)

@fallenhitokiri I am not 100% sure, but I think the language server that powers the IDE plugins needs to find a Mixfile in your project to locate all your dependencies

@stringlytyped that’s what I read, but it’s a behaviour I don’t know from other language servers I use (TS, JS, Python)

@fallenhitokiri Ah, fair enough. I suspect there is a technical reason why it behaves this way. You will run into differences like this from time to time, just because of the Erlang underpinnings.

The Elixir ecosystem is great partly because it makes the power of Erlang accessible to more people by modernizing the developer experience. But despite the fresh coat of paint, the BEAM simply works differently than other languages/VMs

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