Woke up to a significant enough amount of snow to stay inside the whole day. There are worse things on a Sunday :)

If you know a senior or junior iOS / Android engineer looking for a new opportunity please let me know! Remote friendly, US and Europe. Some Infos about the company since I didn’t get to draft a full job description

I’m considering buying the domain „am I a professional yet“ dot something, add „according to the Internet“ as body and simple put a centred headline „of course not“ on it.

Plans which roles to hire and when in 2019 look good. All finalised. I am optimistic and believe they’ll stay valid for at least 14 days.

But joking aside really looking forward to be able to fill 3 junior positions best case.

There were obviously good and enjoyable parts as well otherwise I wouldn’t have tried that long but when all efforts are blocked, shut down or met with hostility it leaves a mark

It took me a fully messed up company for over two years to realise an important lesson my VP taught me - if you don’t have the authority to make change happen you have to live with what you are presented. Guess a bit management in the job description is a requirement. Only took me 20 years to give up on staying an IC fulltime

Free weekend in San Francisco and my wife didn’t travel with me. Let’s see how I spent it. Already made a trip to the Lego store and got her the Jurrasic World Brickheadz

So ... Tumblr...

The narrative people are having is how your centralized webhosting needs to be neutral and not censor content they don't like (nevermind that they too have freedom of association)

The narrative people should be having is how centralized webhosting like Tumblr means that whenever some rich upperclassmen decides they don't like something it is effectively and completely suppressed, and how you should self-host your own blogs or other content to avoid that.

But, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I wonder why people fight to be the first ones to get on a plane. You just sit there additional 40 minutes on an 12 hour flight and gain virtually nothing. Maybe they fear their seat being taken and being transported as cargo?

I’m seriously considering hiring someone to build the Wordpress theme. It’s nearly like hosting the blog - I surely can do it myself, but it’s horrible, I hate every second and I could basically do anything else and my time would be spent better...

And it’s only like and hour or two more to get it done...

And on a related note: wp_head() turned into a garbage injector. No, I don’t want emojis fetched from a third party domain. WTF?

Thanks to my wife no one is forced to read anything I publish with something I consider design. .txt totally would work, right?

She finished my new blog design last night, now I just have to get it on Wordpress... I forgot how much I hate the template syntax.

It’s audit time. That’ll be fun and maybe solves the need of me creating a roadmap for Q1 (I was told I get reports of things to fix :)

Thanks for all the replies to the blog questions yesterday! I’ll respond individually tomorrow, busy day.

What’s your preferred platform (and why if you don’t mind giving some context)?
Hosted or self-hosted?

Looking to get opinions from people with an security background after having read another discussion where people told a newbie they’ll never be taken seriously if they’d use Wordpress for example.

Accidentally went Black Friday shopping - ordered shoes to a local store and they arrived today. Still got the 30% discount. They are always on top with customer service and as a result I’m a customer since nearly 10 years.

I’ve received a few emails from marketing firms wanting to pay for sponsored toots on infosec.exchange. Obviously, I’m not going to take those offers, but I find it interesting that advertisers are starting to take note of the Fediverse. Fair warning, i guess.

Thoughts on the new MacBook Air so far

1. it’s as good as the old one (weight, design,...)
2. the new charger is tiny and very nice
3. retina!
4. it’s fast
5. it doesn’t struggle having the Kali VM running and doing work

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