So had my 7 year old son today ask what TFA was. I said I don't know assuming that it was another YouTube sensation or something. He then showed me. What he was referring to was 2FA. Fortnite is now encouraging gamers to enable 2FA on their accounts and in return they get an item for free. What a great way to educate youngsters and better secure their accounts. Very impressed with Epic and their approach to security 😀

During an interview

„What would you use to do $x“

„I’d use $y, it’s not that we know but awesome!“

„I’m not sure that’s the best idea for this scenario, we want x,y and z and y and z aren’t that well supported“

„Oh it works you just have to learn a bit more about $y to understand how to do it“

Candidate was talking about a project I created...

I just got a video as response to some pre sales questions from a vendor. I really appreciate all the effort and it answered all my questions.

But on my list of things when it comes to consuming information a video is still behind single words spray painted on cows running by.

Just published „unit testing command line applications in - I actually managed to run in one of „those problems“

Rumours about a triple lens in iPhones. I don’t notice a difference of the pictures I take since the iPhone 6 - I simply suck at photography. What I’d rather see is the space in the case spent on battery...

And today in “ is production ready”: What does the following error tell us?

`Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: […] Swift.String`

If you guessed “you are trying to unit test a target with a `main.swift` file” you are correct.


Wrote up my opinion on the whole “screen recording on iOS” thing going on right now - finally Apple taking a strong stance for their users

Just published „the Apple Watch that finally won my heart“ (but still not a permanent spot at my wrist)

Anyone recommendations which software I want to use if I want to track all changes made to a system? (Software downloaded, installed,...)

Just published my opinion on Apple revoking certificates and the unique chance they missed making a strong statement pro

What a bug... FaceTime lets you call another iOS user and listen to their microphone briefly without them even answering

I feel like every second email I receive which is related to an audit should be answered with „good try, won’t happen“, but I think some people might get upset with that... :>

Summary of the #Pleroma API changes:

Pleroma emulates the Mastodon REST API to piggyback on the Mastodon apps that already exist (fair enough). Pleroma changes IDs returned by their emulated API, from numbers encoded as base 10 strings, to numbers encoded as base 62 strings (difference being the method by which they can be sorted in typed systems) (1/2)

And the office is rearranged. A bit less space on the desk but finally some flowers :)

Work space and gaming space. I still have to swap the monitor mount for the gaming system, so no cable management yet :/

Likely spending some time rearranging the office tomorrow morning. I think I’ll take the chance to mount one of the screens in portrait mode.

I got an project idea and the more I think about it the more I like it. But

- it will cost a lot of time
- it will cost me some money every month
- there cannot be any revenue
- people will annoy the fuck out of me with suggestions like putting it on the blockchain and integrating federation which completely misses the point

Not sure if I want this to happen enough to put up with the above four... :/

i can't decide if 'silicon valley' is satire or a documentary. 🤷

So now it is official: Facebook knowingly and willingly ripped off children, refusing to reimburse illegal charges when parents noticed - all as a means of maximizing profit. They called it "friendly fraud" internally. Wow...

If you ask me, everyone involved should be facing jail time now.


Still working on the mobile teams for - the iOS pipeline looks amazing but the one is a bit small for my liking.

If you know someone who is looking for a great opportunity please let me know. We are hiring from junior and senior, it’s a position - you can work from our office in SF or course - and the team is truly awesome.

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