Trying to move to a world where each project got its own VM with all dependencies and IDEs simply connect to it using the VM interpreter / toolchain. Getting pretty close but directory mounting is horrible with Parallels. So far 100MB memory overhead for an Alpine container, acceptable in a 128GB machine :)

Published “Security 101: Four eye principle” talking about reviewing everything you do, not only merge requests.

Let’s see how this plays out. Could be Play Protect or fake, but in case of evidence this might be interesting to follow.

When you get a prescription and you are not sure if it’s something medical or if your doc suggested a new metal band to you,...

I slowly get a better understanding of the problem with dual 27“ screens or dual screens in general beyond a certain size.

I’ll likely spend some time reading up on studies and research in this area over the weekend to see if what I think was already observed somewhere.

Short summary is: 27“ is the sweet spot for me for single screen usage. Below I prefer dual screen which gets unpractical at 27 (too much horizontal head movement). 39“ wide seem a sweet spot for a bit more space.

Starting to experiment a bit with one screen vs dual screen. I already figured out that 3 27” 5k is at least one too much. Let’s see if falling back to one makes sense.

I used dual screen setups for years, but with large, high res screens it seems less valuable and ergonomic.

Why am I doing this to myself every other year? Maybe it’s the year I do not immediately end up back with Python, C and Java except for special use cases...

„We value your privacy, please accept the following 15 tracking cookies to access the site“

If you’d value my privacy you wouldn’t have those trackers on your site.

I have to admit I am intrigued by Microsoft’s Surface lineup, especially the Pro 7.

But Windows, while stable and IMHO usable for my day to day work there are decisions like the game ads etc making it unusable to me.

I also don’t want to leave the Apple ecosystem. It works. All of it. I could make most work cross platform, but nearly everything would come with tradeoffs.

I really wish Apple would ship and iPad macOS. Is throw a ton of money at this.

iPad screen had a hairline fracture. Sent to Apple on Friday, free replacement will be delivered tomorrow.

Just in case you were wondering if AppleCare is worth the money.

are there documents similar to ios security guide for samsung's phones with knox and google's phones with titan? is there a comparison chart or something that isn't paywalled?

all i could find with a quick web search is a google's blog post without much detail and a samsung knox whitepaper focused on enterprise integrations, although i didn't read it yet.

I really like the aesthetics of a fully wireless desk, but I cannot find a proper mechanical keyboard I like which is wireless and wires never failed me other than Bluetooth.

"how is hardware like cell phones or CPUs storing sensitive information disposed?"

I heard gardener is a nice profession,...

Played around with SSD caching for the file server, turns out it doesn’t improve performance. So all it would do is adding a point of failure :/

And for some reason one of the new disks jams when I try to insert it. I’m sure this’ll be fun to figure out...

Having both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max Pro next to each other I am fairly certain that the 11 is the phone most people should buy.

Yes, there’s a difference between the screens but likely not that noticeable for most under normal conditions.
Other than that a super solid phone for a reasonable price.

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