Clerk at a local shop looked at me like I’m an idiot because I paid for 10 eggs they forgot to charge me last week.

Not sure what to think of that to be honest,...

Jupyter is IMHO and under-utilised tool at an IC and company level.

Finding a nice USB-C hub for the iPad is not as easy as it sounds. Cheap build quality and sometimes features I do not need or which simply do not make sense in 2020 (hello USB 2). This feels like an accessory category that should be flooded considering MacBooks are a thing,...

Setting up WireGuard so far:

- USG and UniFi Controller seem a suboptimal Nase considering none of the guides works with current versions, not sure which surprises it’d bring

- Proxmox unprivileged LXC - yeah,… no

- Proxmox KVM cannot boot the Debian iso

IPsec build into the USG doesn’t seem so bad suddenly,...

„How to tilt the enemy dps duo so they focus you and ignore the objective - for beginners“ - a few sleeps and a nano on a Sombra when the fight seems lost to turn it around (duo queued, I knew he can carry it). Plus this when they thought they can regroup.

I give up on DNS for the local network. I’ll just bookmark the four IPs I regularly need.

Anyone using Krypton and have an opinion on it?

Krypton U2F Authenticator

Unphishable, zero-touch two-factor logins

One of those days on which I debug ssh login issues for 20 minutes till I notice I misspelled zsh in /etc/passwd... *sigh*

Tried to connect my Visual Studio Code to a Jupyter server. Code crashed and won’t start anymore. Guess I’ll just use the web interface,… and while I’m at it code-server for all the other work.

I’m seriously considering moving all development to code-server. The experience is more than good enough to not enjoy me on a daily basis and it’s super convenient to just open a browser and start working. It’s basically what Chrome OS promised us the future will look like, just with the convenience that Google isn’t involved in it.

When I got the maxed out iMac Pro I was get certain it’ll last me for a long time. As of today I think it might be my last „conventional“ system I’ll use before moving to a tablet / phone + server only setup.

Last Saturday of this year and I’m doing cable and light management and setups in my office and the living room.

Setup the new OLED TV yesterday - amazing btw - and everything is a mess

Working crazy hours means one or more of:

• you don’t know how and when to delegate
• you don’t know how to prioritize
• you work inefficiently
• you don’t know how to set appropriate boundaries

Bragging about not having one or more of these skills is silly

Everyone screws up on these occasionally, and gets stuck working longer hours to fix their mistakes

But “hey! I screw up so often that I’m always working extremely long hours” is super weird

The best 10gbit network won’t help when migrating 3TB of mostly small files to the new NAS,...

FreeNAS forcing me to do networking and storage properly is pretty nice, but at the same time a bit annoying.

„You cannot put multiple nics in the same network“

Yes, I can. I know it works. I know it’s not a good idea. But for a quick maintenance task it’d be nice to not walk through the house multiple times.

Happy holidays! Enjoy your time, relax and don’t do the things you didn’t get done this year :)

I am actually okay with an iPhone without ports. The only time I think it might be inconvenient for me would be during travel, I don’t like Qi charging via battery pack.

I’d even be okay if Apple simply doesn’t include headphones - IMHO this is just a waste anyway, but considering that we’d likely talk about the Pro / premium phone there’s a high likelihood the included headphones never leave the box or land in a trashcan.

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