I just published “Deep dive: Q and SQS” - some tricks to get those two to work together nicely (which resulted in two pull requests - yay OSS! :)

I pity kids these days. They are taught that their privacy is controlled by others who don’t care, don’t understand and have all the power. twitter.com/seldo/status/13042

So much esport to watch - Overwatch league playoffs, LEC finals,... glad my colleagues are all OOO tomorrow so I can keep the VODs going while working

@Are0h "But what can I use when I need a lightweight ActivityPub server?"

Check out #Epicyon!

I like the idea of ZFS, but I won’t spend all the time tuning it to support the kind of data we mostly use. An ext4 raid will do just fine combined with an external backup

My team (fulfilment, warehousing and reporting) at Grove Collaborative is hiring. Small, amazing team, mostly greenfield projects, + , remote US / Europe possible, mid to senior level. Ping me for info :)


I'm a security engineer by trade. Here to find like-minded folks who are either in the process of, or have succeeded leaving the corporate paychecks behind to pursue projects like permaculture, building eco-homes (whatever that might mean to you), using their tech skills to protect privacy, do handicrafts, reduce waste, etc. #introductions

iPad OS 14 Beta was the most stable beta I remember Apple shipping the last 10 years. I am actually tempt to flash my phone later today

The more I think about the research project I wanted to do for a long time the more straightforward to implement it seems. Which likely means it’ll take me three years to implement half of the features where 30% might work as planned,… :D

I took this week off to relax and recover and what‘s a better way to do this than starting to design on a protocol for a research project I wanted to do for a long time on a Sunday night...

Some thoughts on Disney+ and Mulan being a „Premier Access“ title. I actually hope this will be the beginning of the end going to the cinema if you want to see a movie on release / close to the release date. timo-zimmermann.de/2020/08/tho

Blogged “Security 101: vendor risk management” - why keeping the number of third parties with access to your data and infrastructure a minimum is a good idea timo-zimmermann.de/2020/08/sec

When reading the source code is faster than reading the documentation,...

Looks like Ghost.org CEO doesn’t believe in customer feedback but calling people names and nuking their account - I‘d take this into considering when thinking about paying for their service. (thanks to wayback machine keeping the post online) timo-zimmermann.de/2020/08/gho

JetBrains IDE accessed via browser thanks to projector. And it works well enough to use it with the iPad with 200ms latency :)

I am considering dropping Cloudflare when finishing the migration to a static site.

It’s not that I don’t like their service or would have problems with it, but I doubt it’s adding a lot of value and it’s just contributing to the problem of centralising the Internet.

Even spike traffic (100k / hour in my case was max) should be easily handled by nginx or Golang on a 3€ Hetzner box

The last iPadOS beta is a step back. Safari is unreliable and FaceID unlocking some apps (Apollo ex) sometimes sends the app in an unlock loop before crashing.

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