Apparently if you are logged in chrome, it will provide to websites like Quora and Pinterest(login with google) your information, beacause a few days ago I saw a question on quora the first time (i don't have a quota account) and it suggested me to login with Google(I didn't), a few days later (today) I got an email asking if I'm still interested in that question...

I visit quota once, I didn't login or gave my info and I now I'm tracked.
That's crazy.... It only took 20s on the website.

Added a NVMe to my gaming system. The difference in loading time is simply amazing. 1TB also seems sufficient for my „recently playing“ library, old SSD array remains as storage for „I might want to play those games“

10 days San Francisco are not that much when you are in meetings for 7-10 hours a day. Looking forward to getting some work done again :)

Vendor calls where the vendor starts with „we solve all problem you have with $x“ where they don’t even know what problems we have. Is it legitimate to just hang up at this point?

?? This is awesome! :ruby:

"Build up professional development experience by contributing to open source projects with the help of a mentor. RubyMe pairs early-career developers from under-represented backgrounds with seasoned Rubyists.

Choose specific areas to focus on. Get paid for 8 hours per month, learning best practices from experienced developers and contributing to Ruby open source."

If you're interested in #Django (the #Python web framework), and can't be at #DjangoCon Europe this week, feel free to check out my blog these threes days – I'll be live-posting writeups at

Three Android phones running an unprotected hotspot with various forms of filesharing enabled.

Not sure if it’s a trap, but it smells like one.


Breakfast in Lufthansa business lounge is still the best thing about having to be at the airport stupidly early to make sure I catch my flight to SF

Article 13 is bad. But what’s worse is the people using it to push their totally unrelated agenda.

When no adults are on the room and no one tells programmers to make sure passwords are handled securely they fuck up. Was this considered news or just proof of what we now?

I have the suspicion this could become a popcorn worthy thing, especially when they cannot block everyone anymore

Things to do on a Sunday - writing the job description for my first hire for the security team at Nurx. Excited to be able to move quicker than I thought, but it’s hard to define the role focused enough while covering all things a small team has to handle for a startup.

Anyone seen a rainbow barfing unicorn? That’s be a close match.

Just published “equipped to spy” trying to look at the Singapore Airlines and Nest news from a regular users perspective. Surely not the best days for people concerned about their Splunk stops doing business with companies in Russia.

I wonder if we’ll see more changes in business strategy (let’s just call it that, sounds neutral enough) in future

So had my 7 year old son today ask what TFA was. I said I don't know assuming that it was another YouTube sensation or something. He then showed me. What he was referring to was 2FA. Fortnite is now encouraging gamers to enable 2FA on their accounts and in return they get an item for free. What a great way to educate youngsters and better secure their accounts. Very impressed with Epic and their approach to security 😀

During an interview

„What would you use to do $x“

„I’d use $y, it’s not that we know but awesome!“

„I’m not sure that’s the best idea for this scenario, we want x,y and z and y and z aren’t that well supported“

„Oh it works you just have to learn a bit more about $y to understand how to do it“

Candidate was talking about a project I created...

I just got a video as response to some pre sales questions from a vendor. I really appreciate all the effort and it answered all my questions.

But on my list of things when it comes to consuming information a video is still behind single words spray painted on cows running by.

Just published „unit testing command line applications in - I actually managed to run in one of „those problems“

Rumours about a triple lens in iPhones. I don’t notice a difference of the pictures I take since the iPhone 6 - I simply suck at photography. What I’d rather see is the space in the case spent on battery...

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