see the blurry laptop in the banner image on this page?
try selecting text on it.

„Did you figure out why our software randomly uses all available resources and makes computers unusable?“


„Put a crypto miner in so people believe it’s a feature“

This whole freenode thing blew up pretty fast. Sad to see the network go, it was the first I connected to.

PGP keys stored without master password in Thunderbird.

Terrible news for all the 5 people still using both.

RT @th3j35t3r
#FUNFACT - The 1995 movie 'Hackers' was released 1337 weeks ago 👍

Searching through roughly 570k emails with SQLite feels fast enough for me. The only reason for ElasticSearch or Sonic would be for search quality, not speed. Stack is Django + SQLite synchronising 4 mailboxes (messages + attachments stored in DB)

The easiest way to tell if a blog post has some merit to it is checking HN comments. If people strongly disagree, don’t care abou any of the arguments and present an ultimate truth about a topic the post most likely got at least some things right.

I am most likely the last person who should write a book (likely starting as a series of blog posts because I don’t want to commit to any timeline :). Yet here we are with an outline for a FastAPI „web dev from scratch“ outline. Someone save us all.

I’m tempt to add fediverse functionality to my blog, but I got the feeling this is a rabbit hole and I’ll get angry at specs and protocols again...

People argue about feet/inches versus meters, but there's only one true universal measurement system.

Short post about using SQLite and Caddy for small scale Django deployments - sometimes things can be so simple :)

15 friends joined the matrix server I setup on Saturday. Some people deleted one or multiple messengers - Signal, Keybase, WhatsApp or Not going to lie - feels good and scary at the same time :)

Some thoughts on personal websites and centralising the web on a few providers (obviously featuring Geocities :)

Published “Artist vs Backup” an backup 101 article requested by my wife as the art community seems to lose more work than anyone ever should

I am a bit late to the party, but some thoughts on the iPad Air 2020. IMHO the iPad most people should get.

> I am currently looking for experienced, 100% remote pentesters within the USA. If you are curious or know someone that is looking, please do to DM me. Plenty to go around.

(not me, copied from twitter)

The space in the basement I can free up could be used for a second rack and mostly enough hardware is sitting on the shelves not being used to build the smallest cyber range I’m aware of. I am tempt to be honest, that’d be a fun exercise and might be useful for trainings.

Also I could without any irony have the name of every system start with „cyber“. This is one of the points that goes to the „pro“ side of the list if I should do it for sure.

Twitch sent me an email that someone (it was me) started to log in but did not complete it when 2FA showed up.

“If you did not initiate the login, change your password”

This is actually a neat feature.

The Netatmo smart doorbell actually works decently well, integrates with HomeKit and stores videos on my NAS. So far so good, now to figure out why everything works and the vendor app believes the doorbell doesn’t have power.

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