how come apple is the absolute evil for doing ocsp, while firefox is good and privacy-focused for the same smh

I am getting really close to having written 10k LOC this month. A good portion of CRUD, but also some pretty nice algorithmic work bringing typical runtimes down from 10s to 60us. This was a really pleasant month, now to prepare for demos, meetings, planning and budgeting...

I'm a developer looking to get into pentesting. I've played around on a bit but is this worth my time or are there better resources?

published a new post in my security 101 series - physical security. Talking about stolen laptops and the actual purpose of security cameras

I think people are reading a bit too much into the animation showing a hand interacting with Big Sur and also take Apples executive team not talking about future plans too seriously

Exercising self control and not dropping everything to install those… Saturday isn’t soon enough

Posted a small review of the Valve Index - lot‘s of potential but sadly the experience was not good enough :(

Good old bin packing problem, so we meet again. Always a fun one to solve, especially with new constraints :)

During those years I think I worked four times outside of my office and simply connected to my server. Most of the time when I’m out of office it’s for strategic planning, architecture, all things I can do on my iPad. No reason to make every hour of my day horrible because of some rare occasion

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Not owning a laptop for something around three years makes me chuckle a bit when people complain about keyboards, thermals and displays but at the same time claim desktops are useless and laptops are so much better.

Looks like a few kids actually went out trick or treating in our neighborhood - glad we put some candy outside and my wife even drew some ghosts on the bags. Only wish I already had the video doorbell so I could have seen them :)

Shopping memory for my Mac Pro is a bit adventurous. It’s standard DDR ECC memory, but some resellers go out of their way to make it sound like super fancy, specialised dimms and don’t list the speed...

„Docker is great! You should use it for every prod deploy! You have reproducible builds giving you exactly the environment you expect!“

Meanwhile the docker file - 'FROM ubuntu:latest'

When did people develop such strong opinions on technology they don’t bother to understand?

I feel like I’ll have to apologize to an old math tutor of mine. I actually used cosine similarity to solve a real problem today.

I don’t think I fully understand the order process on Steam as the information they sent you doesn’t match the process I see - but I might or might not soon have a Valve Index to enjoy Star Wars Squadron in VR

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