For those who didn't know, I started my own company called EliteSec. Here's the latest blog post I wrote up about actions to take if you find the majority of your organization working from home. Enjoy!

If i hear one more person say they're bored at home because of all of this... I'm gonna lose it.

Life here hasn't changed much, other than I don't hit the coffee shop daily. 2 kids under 2, and work - I don't know what it means to breath anymore.

I busted my ass to get a job I could work from home as much as i could - glad I did that before it was a necessity.

4weeks out of work... this will be an interesting Monday.

You ever have your headphones in at work and wonder how far on the weird scale your stuff is compared to everyone be else around you with their headphones in?

One of the highlights of this week was my CSO swinging by the house to drop off a gift wrapped deck of

Now, I just don't know if I should be excited or scared...

It's time to finally call it quits for this week. This week seemed to have lasted about a month's time, and I'm ready to sleep till Monday.

That moment when someone restarts the wrong vmware host, monitoring dashboards go red, and it becomes Monday Bloody Monday.

Its the holiday season and Monday just keeps on giving.

1. Sick kid
2. Sick wife
3. Baby on the way
3. Xmas is fast approaching
4. Work is a forever growing to-do list
5. learning to study for a test, as a horrible test taker.

"You require more Vespene Coffee"

Whelp, CEH isn't GWAPT - but hey, free (to me) learning! Game on

Of course I'd see that the SANS holiday hack challenge was open, just minutes before I'm supposed to open a maintenance window...

So fun, if you haven't already - check it out!

@JohnsNotHere Found my way back to Mastodon via Purple Sqad Sec podcast. Thanks for reminding me and putting out some worth while content! Time to throw on another episode and get back to work!

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