For those on here a lot, what it is it that encourages you to get on here an post?

I just don't have that thing inside me that pushes me to post something. Or I want to be too wordy (like right now!).

So, I'm genuinely curious, for the tooters out there, what is it that encourages you to post so regularly? I enjoy reading them a lot, but have trouble participating.

@entreprelife I have the same problem. It isn|t a secret that I hate social media platforms, but when I post I try to spread helpful information or start conversations about controversial topics. I like to discuss and try to build a network.

I rather lurk and read what others type.

I like reading and sharing interesting snippets of information, so I share. However, I don't understand at all why people post pictures of their lunch, their cat or other bits of their quotidian lives.

These social media non sequiturs baffle me with their irrelevancy.


When I come across an interesting resource, tidbit, etc I post here.

I don't really care -that much- about post quality, whether or not people like it, either here or on my other accounts. Largely because it reads too much like 'personal branding' and there are places for it like LinkedIn.

So really you can post what you like, when you feel like it, follow whom you like, filter/mute/block. Mute a conversation if you don't want to follow anymore, etc.

@entreprelife @jerry Hope that my sharing something will either make someone chuckle or help them in some way.

@entreprelife I like the feeling that I'm shouting out into the void, not knowing who's going to hear it - but knowing that someone might.

@entreprelife I see people sharing opinions I think I have something meaningful to share an opinion on myself.

Or I saw a pretty butterfly or something.

@entreprelife Actually this is only half the answer. I get DMed not infrequently with people thanking me either for sharing opinions they share but don't have the energy to write about and post themselves, and with other people who are grateful for making them aware of a perspective they otherwise wouldn't have.

That's a bigger part of it than I think I recognize: just people tell me they're thankful for what I post so I keep doing it.

@entreprelife I like the conversations - if I find something interesting and / or want to talk about it Mastodon is a nice place to do so. Less snark, less toxicity and with topic specific instances easier to reach an audience that might be interested.

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