I'm thinking of doing a podcast with an InfoSec focus. Would be 15-20min episodes. Debating topics still.

I'm leaning toward a podcast where we talk through various things folks getting into InfoSec would need to know. Grow to include the infinite number of topics out there. Helpful for newbies & experts & leaders. Not just "What is AV" but "Why does AV matter". Periodically bring on experts and vendors to talk about their expertise and dive deeper into specific topics.


@entreprelife Vendors would be great, but I am more intrigued by the why's you mentioned. When talking to a boss, it'd be nice to have small, bite-sized chunks of information.

@m4iler That's something I'm considering a lot. I want people to learn, but I'd also like quick ways for folks to understand difficult topics.

As someone who is looking to get into infosec, I would definitely listen to this.
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