Buying a house is exhausting. Lots of "hurry up and wait". I also am not super keen on all the personal data I'm handing out.

*pours hot coca mix onto warm milk*

*watches island of hot cocoa slowly sink*

*blows on island to get it to move*

*entire desk is covered in thin layer of cocoa powder*

"So anyway, yes, I think that humans can be modeled as rational agents who always make optimal decisions, and..."

@jerry I want to learn risk profiling and risk assessment. It's an area I'm weak in for sure. What books/lectures/etc. would you recommend to learn more about this all important part of cyber security?

Goodbye, Steven, and thank you for sharing yourself and your art with us. The world is not a beautiful place, but you shared beauty and happiness with it for the little while you had.

We did not deserve you. Thank you.

Dear $marriottMember,

In light of the recent breach, please sign into your Marriott profile and change your password.


Marriott (We swear!)

In other news I bought myself a lifetime Shodan subscription for only $5. The deal is on.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the US tooters out there!

Last couple of weeks have been brutal. Looking forward to a calm, rainy weekend.

Dude shows me a coffee mug that you connect to over Bluetooth. It has upgradable firmware, but will only accept signed images.

This coffee mug is more secure than my first 4 Android phones.

Who will be at on Tuesday? Would love to meet some Mastodon folks there!

The number one attack vector is social engineering.

The number one vulnerability is authentication.


When you're not doing InfoSec stuff, what non-IT projects do you fill your time with?

I tend to journal a lot. Getting my thoughts on paper really clears my head.

Actually haven't checked email this weekend.

It's wonderful! Highly, highly recommended

There are things I would like to try my hand at. But, I can be good at one or two things or mediocre at 1,000. Determining my priorities and keeping them top-of-mind is a big key to success.

Don't try to be everything; persevere in the one or two things you can be great at.

You basically proof that you are not a good teacher when one of the first things you suggest to someone who wants to improve their it-security is switching the operating system.

First of all this usually breaks a ton of workflows. Second of all you take someone out of an environment they know and put them into unknown regions. Which highers the risk of making mistakes. And last but not least you basically tell the person that they always did everything wrong and break moral.

#infosec #teaching

Great article by @jerry

"We have to accept that there *will* be electronic voting. We have to accept that our refrigerators, toaster, toilet, and gym shoes *will* be connected to the Internet some day, if not already. We don’t have to like these things"

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