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The fresh New dark theme is just perfect. Thanks a lot for your work

I know there aren't any Lebanese here on my follower's list, Lebanon has been going through riots since yesterday. Roads are closed and we are obliged to stay at home and work remotely from here

Remember when you wanted what you currently have?

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@ebourgess @seeyouindisneyland Ah... that is some important context.

I’m still not sure about that. When I first started to code, I wouldn’t have understood the need for source control. Not until I got to 1000+ lines and coded myself into a corner I couldn’t find my way back out of, ending up abandoning the project... then I would have understood.

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"In schools you have a well structured study plan and a textbook to learn from." - I disagree again 😁

Ok, with this context it's a bit more viable. Still, I'd rather have coding and git taught simultaneously. "Here's your code and here's how you make sure future-you doesn't hate you." And yes, RTFM should be a basic skill.


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I disagree. If you're new to coding you've got enough on your plate already. Teaching Git pre-emptively without any coding experience puts abstract processes and concepts like repos etc completely out of context.

1. Learn to code for a bit until you have a basic understanding how coding works
2. Start VCSing your code (within 2 months after starting to code)
3. ???????
4. Profit

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@seeyouindisneyland @ebourgess I agree. I learned to code in grade 7 in QBASIC... if you showed me git I probably would have given up on the spot.

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@ebourgess every time i tried to teach puppet, i had to spend at least two days on git

makes for a short week to learn about puppet

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@ebourgess This is actionable for me because I just picked up a class at the local university

Git and CLI should be taught way before any programming language is taught

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"Meaningful consent" implies more than a clause in the user agreement that says "we can update this at any time." It requires engagement with the userbase at large - and thus guarantees conflict, and compromise.

Maybe Apple would still have disabled this framework. Maybe not. What I do know, with high confidence, is that they didn't ask anyone outside the company if it was okay to do so, or explain what it would mean.

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The latest Safari update permanently disables the framework uBlock Origin (and, incidentally, 1Password version 6 and lower) relies on. There will no longer be a uBlock version for Safari.

A while ago, someone on Twitter raised the point that users are rightfully gunshy about software updates because developers often use them to make unilateral and unwelcome changes. The question "did your users meaningfully consent to this change" goes unasked, let alone unanswered.

I want better.

Can't believe we are reaching the end of 2019

I seriously don't get the memery hype behind "Windows Bad, Linux Good". Each can use their preferred operating system as long as it does the job for them. The last thing we needed were some skiddies making this a trend

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From birdsite. This is most entertaining thing Papa Roach has done since like 2001-2002

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"Applications are programs written by users of computers to solve the problems for which the computers were purchased in the first place."

Marcellus, Systems Programming for Small Computers, 1984

Again, we seem to have forgotten that it's the users who are meant to program the computers.

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@aeveltstra Both Microsoft and Apple have erected artificial barriers to "casual" programming; that is, their programs do not interoperate easily, and they do not ship easy-to-use programming environments with their computers.

Even shipping a modern Python environment with Windows, and adding basic automation hooks to Edge, Office, Explorer, and other flagship programs would make the "power user" experience WAY better, and pave the way for a transition from "user" to "engineer", and it would cost little.

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No gods.
No masters.

No saviors.
No kings.

No fate but what we make.

Can anybody tell me some good accounts to follow?

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