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Serving your content as a git repository allows people to clone your content to keep it available. It is also easy to redistribute your work.

People can read your content while offline.

You can provide certificate of origin and assert authenticity by signing your commits/publications.

Versioning is built-in, which allows readers to reference a particular version of your work.

Permalinks are built-in.

Content addressing is built-in.

External contributions are easy to receive and accept.

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As someone who has built his career thanks to Linux, anyone should have at least some basic linux knowledge if they are going into tech. No need to have it as your daily driver, but chamges a lot in the way you see things when working.

Well, here's hoping that someday I wouldn't have to worry about being able to stay in a country where I feel welcomed

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Tell your young people not to give their spare energy to employed work. Their employers will take it if they give it but all that happens is the young folk burn out. Teach them “no” and “pay me”

29... how did life go so fast for me? some downs but lots of ups this year, hopefully the next will be better.

Finally the Android app is released, Tusk was a great tool, but the native one looks amazing too

All I know is that I feel blessed today. Hard work does pay off! on to the next milestone

We are afraid that if we let go of our present beliefs - as useless as they are - that the unknown might be even worse.

A month after moving to Turkey and I feel right at home

It's actually nice to be able to wear pants and go to an office again, but I would never give away Remote working

I got to live with the choices I made, regardless of their consequences on me or my loved ones

Twitter's ads are getting more and more aggressive these days

to be fair, I just can't seem to find the energy to actually think about writing in a blog

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No matter how hard I try, I cannot for the life of me get any ideas about what to write in a blog

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Everything is fake now and we seem weirdly okay with it

New Trickbot module uses Masscan for local network reconnaissance t.co/0jcKHeZyDF via @ZDNet@twitter.activitypub.actor & @campuscodi@twitter.activitypub.actor

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