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Is it morally permissible to have a bot to retrigger CI until it either succeeds or the same test fails three times in a row?

I'm asking for a ... not entirely deterministic pipeline.

Yay, "dimming" mostly works. There is now a cliche machine-room hum in here. But maybe that's a feature.

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I want a VIm-version of Clippy. "It looks like you used 7 keys to go down to line 8 Y U NO 7j?!?"

Just a flashing red box with the optimal key sequence for what I last did would be fine. But annoyed Clippy will probably teach faster.

This summer, I did get a fan before they're all sold-out. It just arrived and apparently has three settings: Storm, Hurricane and Jet Takeoff.

Next on the buying list: 230V Dimmer.

On the plus side, it takes ~1 second to put fresh air into the entire room.

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#TIL Dead-bug soldering is an acceptable method to patch a production circuit board per IPC-7721. Awww, even looking at it is painful, there must be a lot of industrial horror stories behind these photos... #electronics

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Idea: What if a spectrogram of music was wound up in a spiral, so that each turn was exactly 1 octave and all the other intervals were also at predefined angles? I think it looks pretty interesting! Especially how all the harmonics overlap when a consonant chord is being sung. Glissando (gliding notes) looks also fun and you can almost read the different parts of the choral harmony.

A certain multi-national today learned the hard way that the bus factor for fixing their production DBs is about 1.

Maybe I should raise my rate. production cluster is life \o/

Anyone needs some 100 GBs of logs queried?

The kids have finally destroyed the already half-dead tablet I gave them. This means I finally have a reason to BUY MORE TABLETS. \o/

The city wants to plant 11 (eleven) trees. Estimated cost: 270.000 EUR. Wat.

Data race detector only detects data race on every n-th run, due to data races. Wonderful, just wonderful.

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Goal: Store encrypted backups at Backblaze.

Current status: Researching EU case-law to figure if this is allowed or not allowed under GDPR. /o\

tfw I'm planning to do some work on index.html, and find the first line is #!/bin/sh

> run time : 0 days, 0 hrs, 2 min, 8 sec
> uniq crashes : 31

Time to revisit the HTTP code, I guess.

✓ Get an undefined reference error on a symbol name with >1kb total length.

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This wind-powered vehicle that can go faster than the wind still continues to blow my mind:

Achievement unlocked:
✓ Build a bitmap of std::variant members M on which a given type T implements T::operator () (const M &);

Or in other words, the log ingester will only call the parser for commands it actually cares about.

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Spread the word...
EU, which pretended to protect privacy plans to betray whole society and approved mass surveillance in communication online.
In this dark future everyone would be affected.

#chatcontrol #surveillance #communication #privacy #secrecyofcorrespondence

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