@larsan Wenn's yt-dl das schon kann, dann ist es unnütz.

PSA: Sendung mit der Maus, Sachgeschichte => .mp4 in one easy script:

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Another JavaScript/npm supply chain compromise, another critical piece of software used at GAFAM & more.


A bunch of entitled devs demanding an instant security fix, CVE publication, full incident report, github and npm security disclosures etc.


Total sponsors: 4
Total contributions: 37$
People supporting this software: just 1 person in their spare time who has 130 open source contributions in 2021 - facts, no shame

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Fun fact: you can find some interesting C-related toots by searching hashtags ‘#include’ and ‘#define’.

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► Integrated Circuits Backdoors news :

Undocumented X86 instructions to control the CPU at the microarchitecture level in modern Intel processors.


@SuricrasiaOnline Looking forward to subtly being watched by Figure S4, bottom right panel in full res.

Unsurprising result: *Not* driving the system deep into swap does wonders for throughput.

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Current status: Overengineering the regex engine further. Specifically, running it on a dataset significantly larger than the software design expects for the given RAM and fixing the new and exciting ways in which it breaks.

My alma mater just advertised their new soft-skill "Digital Literacy Certificate" ... to all computer science students.

@SuricrasiaOnline It's no exactly true though. Second time learning is faster, third time even more so (and I don't remember ever having needed a fourth).

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Anyone know of any web UI/UX developers/designers looking for a job within the next three to six months? I can't hire right now, but I'll likely have a spot open in that window.


TFW I discover the default value of MALLOC_ARENA_MAX

@khaosgrille Are you in BS? I have 3 256GB μSDs here which are faking it, but not making it (as far as any test could concern). First few GBs seems legit enough and I don't have any use.

What is the correct way to indent
if(false) {
RUN_THE_THING(foo, bar);

when RUN_THE_THING is a macro along the lines of
} else if(condition(foo)) {
statements with bar;

(I did put a comment this time.)

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Where "soundproofing" translates to "about all the packaging materials I still had around from 2020 because 'they might still come handy oneday'". I think I just love to make something useful out of "worthless" things.

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It's not retrocomputing if I actually use it for the performance, right? *adds more soundproofing*

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