What is the correct way to indent
if(false) {
RUN_THE_THING(foo, bar);

when RUN_THE_THING is a macro along the lines of
} else if(condition(foo)) {
statements with bar;

(I did put a comment this time.)

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Where "soundproofing" translates to "about all the packaging materials I still had around from 2020 because 'they might still come handy oneday'". I think I just love to make something useful out of "worthless" things.

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It's not retrocomputing if I actually use it for the performance, right? *adds more soundproofing*

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If there's anyone here running a many-threaded (32 or more) Linux/x86 system, can I ask you a favor?

Can you please install ZFS, create a pool on a storage device (preferrably a slow one so there'll be a lot of contention), then run a heavy multithreaded load (e.g. benchmark software like byte-unixbench) on it.
Do you experience kernel oops, panics, or are there random process(es) that got killed after you run it?

Thanks in advance!

Reposts welcome, I'm curious :02lurk:

"New" server has arrived, and with some soundproofing (more to be done, I fear); I can now type `make -j` and not scramble to save my machine from unbounded parallelism and a swapping death.

Last night, I fixed someones Linux audio issues in one easy step:
1. connect to their computer via SSH

Also, old hardware has a surprising lifetime in this room. And have you noticed how long some CompSci departments can (and do) use their boxes?

Maybe there is actually something to bogon/anti-bogon theory. Computers don't break, computers absorb bogons from nearby bogon emitters.

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#LazyWeb question. I'm looking for source code to an interrupt-driven serial driver for a NS16550 UART chip, preferably in C.

Would anyone in the embedded or early PC software development worlds have any leads? I looked high and low, and couldn't find anything. It's almost as if this UART design has mysteriously vanished from the face of the planet.


Boosts welcome.

The code says commandHandler = handler; 

... but operator = is overloaded and under the hood it builds a smart pointer and copy-constructs handler and then statically enumerates all argument types supported by decltype(handler)::operator() and stores them into a bitmap to dynamically disable the useless parser parts on the incoming network packet stream.

I wonder if I should add a comment.

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i was also today years old when i found out the kanji for hedgehog makes ‘pin mouse’ which warms my soul to no end 🦔

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How I avoid analysis paralysis in one easy step (actually three):
ag FIXME *.c++ | shuf | head -n 1

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In the 1990s, for example, the X-Files era of conspiracy theories appeared broad-based and apolitical.

But they really weren't apolitical.

They were selling a very specific set of ideas:

"The government, any government, is evil."

"The world is filled with mortal dangers. Fear strangers."

"Trust no one. Only trust yourself. Be a strong, lone, individual."

This idea set just happens to line up with a very specifically libertarian, market-friendly view of human society. Odd how that happened.

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it annoys me to no end that EAX, EBX, ECX, EDX are indexed 0, 3, 1, 2

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Watching the progress of a full-backup is always a good way to learn about my home-directory contents.

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Is there any consumer-obtainable device with a similar form-factor as micro SD but which trades away re-writability (i.e. only writable once or maybe a few times) but instead offers supreme data retention (i.e. decades if not centuries)?

My trust in this pretty cheap micro-SD card from the SANSUN store at aliexpress has significantly diminished by its failure to keep an encrypted ext4 filesystem in a consistent state for longer than the page cache. :(

I got what I paid for, I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Anyone know good cloud threat intel/red team/threat hunter type folks? I might have an interesting job lead for that.

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