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Bestimmt kennt ihr schon den Reflow-Pizzaofen. Aber kennt ihr auch schon den Reflow-Mini-Muffin-Maker?!

TIL two new insert mode commands:


If they[tm] would have engineered their battery-is-on-overvoltage (how can this even be a thing?) cut-off at say 5.2 V, and not 4.8 V the old tablet could be powered directly from USB. But no, now I have to wait on downconverters. :(

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we have a linter that blocks TODOs which i guess is a good idea, but for future notes in our code we just leave EVENTUALLYs now lmfao

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Since everyone is liking and boosting this like crazy and I don't have a soundcloud and we don't do that over here....
I did not come up with the idea, I just came across it over on the birdsite. So credit where credit is due: twitter.com/LeahNeukirchen/sta

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there is absolutely nothing better than the feeling of placing seven closing parens in a row

#Calligraphy #CommonLisp #Lisp

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(Without ever having seen it live). maybe similar to rc3.world, but also somehow federated.

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I want to have a little isometric gameworld I can put on my homepage in which visitors can run around and do little world modifications and take and leave items and when they go westwards along the "Stratum0" sign, they end up (as in their browser seamlessly reconnects) in a small town hosted at the hackerspace.

Has anyone seen such software? Alternatively, has anyone seen another 4h/day I could use to build it?

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OMG das Antwortschreiben des @ubernauten Anwalts an den #Abmahnbüttel der „Unterhaltungsindustrie“ ist pures #Gold! 😂😂😂 Wirklich lesenswert!

📄 cdn.netzpolitik.org/wp-upload/

Kontext: „Drei große Musiklabels verklagen den deutschen Anbieter #Uberspace, weil er die Website von youtube-dl hostet. Mit dem Werkzeug lassen sich Youtube-Videos herunterladen. Um das zu stoppen, nimmt die Industrie große Kollateralschäden in Kauf.“

🔗 netzpolitik.org/2022/urheberre

#youtube #youtubedl #privatkopie #urheberrecht

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I just discovered that robot arms are also available on ebay (kleinanzeigen). Do I need robot arms? 6 DOF for 150 EUR. Hrm...

What could be better than kernel level execution on your own device?

Kernel level execution on other people's devices!


(Maybe I'm just living out a bit of a personal vendetta after Toshiba's security team didn't want to let me have Debian on my own tablet.)

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Looking for something to read this fine evening? The Time Travel Interpretation of the Bible


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I like adding cabbage to rice when I cook it. Red cabbage makes the rice purple, and so, so pretty. (There is some quinoa and millet mixed in there.)


Falls noch jemand Kinder hat, die Zehnfingertippen üben wollen: gitli.stratum0.org/Drahflow/ty (in Entwicklung)

"Der Rechnungsbetrag in Höhe von EUR 0,00 wird zwei (2) Tage nach Zugang der Rechnung
entsprechend Ihrem SEPA-Lastschriftmandat von Ihrem Konto abgebucht."

Na, da bin ich gespannt.

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