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Hey you have an old GoPro and don't want it anymore? I like to buy stuff used and old GoPros are better than the new ones, because of capitalism and so I will give you monies for your old GoPro 5 or lower if not password bricked. :boost_ok:

"Alten" LCD-Fernseher via Ebay-Kleinanzeigen abgeholt, zum Frickeln. "Wollen Sie auch die Schaltpläne?" o_O

Stellt sich raus, diesem Fernseher lagen wohl im Original italienische Schaltpläne für alle Platinen bei. Es ist mir ein Fest. \o/

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oh my gods. they literally have no shame about this.

GitHub Support just straight up confirmed in an email that yes, they used all public GitHub code, for Codex/Copilot regardless of license.

I came for the security info, I stayed for the lulz:

"The russians have a k8s cluster which stuffs creds. They use WinRAR to compress the files they steal." (but with many more words and a lot of official logos)

Today the [ builtin broke in one specific script.

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Playing: Apocalyptica, House of Chains

Youtube A"I": Here is a playlist suggestion for "Deep House".

As the de-facto CISO of our small company, I have today received a note that CISA has published a list of "bad practices" to avoid when running critical infrastructure (or other things): cisa.gov/BadPractices

1. Don't run terribly outdated stuff
2. Change default passwords

"This list is focused and does not include every possible inadvisable cybersecurity practice."

I just realized I used a cat to fix my git command \o/

~/project % git co feature_new-ui
error: pathspec 'feature_new-ui' did not match any file(s) known to git
~/project % ^_^-
Switched to branch 'feature-new-ui'

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I'm currently witness to a software design process about which "bazar" would add entirely wrong connotations of money being made and resources being semi-efficiently allocated.

Ahahaha. After ~20 years using a soldering iron, I finally took the time to (remove all the weird looking stuff from the tip and apply flux-solder)^n until the tip was all shiny again. Suddenly, the temperature settings match what the solder maker claims should work and it's actually easy to melt. m(

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Woah, TIL that there are so-called fractal vises for clamping irregularly shaped items! (The picture doesn't explain it very well, you have to watch it in motion! It's in the first 30 seconds of the video:)
#tools #HandTools

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"I recover the deleted files from the Google Cloud, and reconstruct partial sequences of 13 early epidemic viruses"

is a sentence rated Very Likely To Appear In The Prologue Of A Cyberpunk Zombie Novel

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Wir suchen aktuell wieder eine ganze Reihe Linux-begeisterte: Admins, Entwickler:innen, Supporter:innen und Kolleg:innen für's Backoffice. Teils remote, teils vor Ort.

Fragen gerne an mich oder direkt bewerben!


#flossjobs #opensouce #jobs #linuxjobs

So, to make the security questionaire happy, I subscribed to various security mailing lists a few days ago.

To summarize: Be afraid, be very afraid! (One spectre bypass in linux, one RCE in Apache.)

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3 coats of instant coffee and 1 coat of epoxy. The whole bathroom will have that look.

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rsyslogd has taken 95.7% of the RAM. And that is 60GB. WTF?

Why does std::ranges::set_difference_result not define a (ideally useful) .begin() and .end(), to allow

for(auto &e: set_difference(A, B, buffer))


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