Also, moving this account over to @halesec to line it up with the rest of my infosec social accounts. Follow me there!

What are people doing for their setups? I'm looking to re-do mine, but I don't have a lot of space to work with.

I'm thinking a Gen8 i7 NUC with some UniFi network gear.

I already have a QNAP NAS that I can hang some iSCSI LUNS off of for actual VM storage.

@galaxis yeah, that's about what I've seen so far. Probably wouldn't rely on it for any critical workloads just yet.

@niconiconi yeah. UDP-only is unfortunate. I'll probably have to keep my OpenVPN setup as a backup in case I land on a network with overly aggressive filtering.

How do people feel about WireGuard? I was reading up on it yesterday and thinking about messing around with it as a OpenVPN replacement when I get back home.

@frootware This. So much this.

A lot of what you said resonated with my own experiences starting out in infosec.

Trying to walk the fine line of staying humble (so as to not fall into the the Dunning-Kruger effect) is tough without also falling victim to Imposter Syndrome.

Thanks for writing this!

I wrote a script that queries all of your AWS ENIs for public-facing IPs and optionally performs a Shodan search against them.

This is why I never get personal projects done: In the last hour, I’ve gone from working on the project, to extending another project that is a dependency, to swapping out my text editor (and customizations), to customizing my zsh prompt.

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Wireless mesh networks are just *one* solution for Last Mile. The answer is bypassing ISPs to access the Internet raw. That means setting up
your own Autonomous System.

That means setting up a local .

does anyone know if there's a mesh network project, like NYC Mesh, that's active in DC? latest info I could find was from 2013.

@jerry Thanks! I tend to be a lurker on other infosec communities, but I hope to be more active here.

I'm James! I do infrastructure automation with a healthy dose of mixed in.

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