What are people doing for their setups? I'm looking to re-do mine, but I don't have a lot of space to work with.

I'm thinking a Gen8 i7 NUC with some UniFi network gear.

I already have a QNAP NAS that I can hang some iSCSI LUNS off of for actual VM storage.

I'm moving over to a POWER9 rig from RaptorCS in a dual-system case that'll have a TR2 system on the other side (or maybe something else depending on what's available when I can buy it), linked with 10G fiber and doubling as a media server until I can get some sort of NAS set up.
Honestly going to handle more than infosec fun, but it'll be really wonderful to escape from AMD64 and the IME/PSP

@dogsec I mostly do everything on my laptop - a Lenovo 7G i7 with 24GB of ram and a 1TB 960pro nvme drive. Works pretty well and lets me take my lab with me when I travel. Will look to upgrade when 9G i7’s come out - really want an 8 core cpu

@dogsec I blogged about my network and server setup, but TL;DR

- lots of UniFi gear
- 40 core (now) 128GB memory VMWare box
- 600/60 Internet connection for always on VPN



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