How do people feel about WireGuard? I was reading up on it yesterday and thinking about messing around with it as a OpenVPN replacement when I get back home.

@dogsec Other than the general warning on I haven't seen anything catastrophic up to now.

@galaxis yeah, that's about what I've seen so far. Probably wouldn't rely on it for any critical workloads just yet.

@dogsec WireGuard has been the only VPN I use since 2017. For me it has almost no disadvantage at all! I believe it is one of the most secure VPN you can get today.

The only downside for me is that it uses UDP packets by-design, which is treated badly on some garbage networks.

@niconiconi yeah. UDP-only is unfortunate. I'll probably have to keep my OpenVPN setup as a backup in case I land on a network with overly aggressive filtering.

Very interested in WirGuard. Hoping to play with it soon.

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