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Metasploit RCE. No, not a module. RCE in Metasploit itself.

Go patch if you haven’t already.


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Reverse engineer and review the Gamaredon Group Pteranodon Implant (including its batch scripts and decoding mechanism)

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APT (RU) - GOV.UA targeting:
MD5: 49CDE7D0CA755F0C284D9690E84711AC
New , old tehniques:
1. SFX with fake MS Word ico show real document and execute
2. Comm through fake wget to winrouts.ddns[.]net

crosspost from @matrix since their instance is currently down:

We’ve taken down the servers which host and for emergency security maintenance - estimated downtime is several hours. More updates as we have them.

the security maintenance is to address issues with's production infrastructure. This is not a Synapse issue.

An attacker gained access to the servers hosting The intruder had access to the production databases, potentially giving them access to unencrypted message data, password hashes and access tokens. As a precaution, if you're a user you should change your password now. have been pwned Vulnerabilities in the groovy plugin in , multiplied by the incorrect setting of the CI sandbox.

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EU Radio Lockdown Directive

Do you use #OpenWRT on your router instead of the stock firmware? Or #LineageOS on your smartphone? Or maybe you experiment with #SDR? It may soon be illegal in EU.

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apt-get photoshop.exe

Pfft. This Linux shit is easy.

COPRocessor - chip that deals with all that floating point mathematical shit

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