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George Hotz:, OpenPilot, and Autonomous Vehicles | Artificial I...

Attackers could use this coding bug to turn BIG-IP load balancers against organizations



3Proxy tiny free proxy server is really tiny cross-platform (Win32/Win64&Unix) freeware proxy servers set. It includes HTTP proxy with HTTPS and FTP support, SOCKSv4/SOCKSv4.5/SOCKSv5 proxy (socks/socks.exe), POP3 proxy, SMTP proxy, AIM/ICQ proxy (icqpr/icqpr.exe), MSN messenger / Live messenger proxy (msnpr/msnpr.exe), FTP proxy, caching DNS proxy, TCP and UDP portmappers.

DataSpii: The catastrophic data leak via browser extensions

How to build a list of customers of a particular service

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