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A classic case of misaligned incentives. VPN providers race to the bottom on fees and just churn out cheap VPS' globally when they need to. Host integrity control & IDS is almost unheard of in the industry. And good luck getting a competent 3rd party audit result public.

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This is why I don’t use VPN companies that are widely sponsored like Nord or Express or PIA. The minute they get a bunch of exposure that makes them less reliable in my opinion.

I stopped using Nord last year and I’m glad I switched to another.

A story of the entire VPN industry, in 4 acts. Starring NordVPN.

Graboid:在Docker Hub的映像中​​发现了史无前例的Cryptojacking蠕虫
Graboid: First-Ever Cryptojacking Worm Found in Images on Docker Hub

Let me clarify. I was referring to an old incident as disclosed by TV before. There have been a few instances where malware was deployed through TV accounts, but nothing that wasn't in our earlier report. My goal wasn't to imply a current software or infrastructure compromise.

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New Burp extension to make use of Tor and rotate your IP. Great when you have to fight with source IP based rate limits.

Considering the
framework? This new ATT&CK lays out four primary use cases for how an organization could get started with ATT&CK based on available resources and overall maturity.

Operation Ghost: The Dukes aren’t back – they never left


The Dukes (aka APT29 and Cozy Bear) have been in the spotlight after their suspected involvement in the breach of the Democratic National Committee in the run-up to the 2016 US elections.


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