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If you know anyone exposing RDP directly to the Internet, you have my permission to hit them over the head until they stop such foolish behavior.

A botnet is brute-forcing over 1.5 million RDP servers all over the world | ZDNet

Furthermore, statistics show that despite BlueKeep, most RDP attacks today are brute-force attempts.


Break of silence. Is this network still active? Any humans may send me signals of vitality, no bots please!

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Update your WhatsApp or even better: uninstall it

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Join my talk in order to get motivation to use #OpenSource for business, coding and as a user! 👍

Today is I love free software day. I’d like to thank all developers of the mastodon universe for their contribution

Letzte Woche Region die Winterlandschaft, diese Woche fast alles wieder weggeschmolzen.

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Wow! Als Neuling bei Mastodon so schnell 1.000 Folgende. Vielen Dank!

Let's start, my first toot in the mastodon universe

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