Top 11 Reasons YaST makes openSUSE Awesome
I read a lot of negativity about YaST on the webs, Reddit, YouTubes... other places... and I wanted to write a counter to all those negative statements. Why? YaST was the biggest selling point for me to go openSUSE when I departed the Mandrake / Mandriva world about 10 years ago (at the time of writing). I use YaST regularly and h
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@10leej @CubicleNate so, if I were to suggest improvements it would be in the help... better tooltips and more expansive help text, with examples - in all of the modules. what about you? It is a superb and unique product, so if (like all things) it can be improved, how would you?

@ddench @10leej I think those are good suggestions. I think the YaST team is totally open to input. I do agree that there is room for improvement. Examples would be fantastic if it was right in the application as opposed to searching for it on the web.

@CubicleNate @10leej I think they probably would be too, but it would be nice to offer some examples rather than a 'hey why not do this'. Having concise examples really helps get a better understanding of how the tool implements your instructions if you're not sure, but also, if you are an expert in say LDAP or Docker it helps ensure YaST is doing what you expect.

@ddench @10leej I totally agree. I am not an expert on MOST of the modules so my input wouldn't be real valuable.

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