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Unreal. People in the federated timeline are debating whether or not to vote because “voting supports capitalism”. I do understand that there are a lot of anarchists on the fediverse, but not representing your own interests in the legal construct that you have to live under is, well, crazy. Otherwise, you end up looking like a “sovereign citizen” (for entertainment, look that up on YouTube) and no one takes you seriously.

Become informed and vote. Encourage others to do the same.

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"something you know" and "something you have" no longer cut it for login security

we're adding things like "something you once believed you could be" and "something that drifted at the edges of your consciousness when you were sixteen and felt invincible"

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Ok, so I have just re read that and realised how awful it sounds. If I offended you I am sorry.

Playing civ 6. Chose true earth location for shits and giggles. I chose Japan. Can't send units into the sea.

Tis the season... to get shit faced on mead. Yum in my tum.

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A request, please boost.

Anyone who does podcasts in the IT/infosec/hacking world... I would like to be a guest sometime if you'd have me...

I need to up BlackFire's visibility, and as such, talking is a great way to do that.

So, if you are ever looking for a guest/stand in co-host/ whatever... I am available.

Bob: nothin, jokes on them my pc at home doesn't have a camera... Me: but you opened the email and attachment at work right? Bob: yeah me: is your antivirus up to date? Bob[ slightly concerned] : um no, why? It says restart, I'll just restart Me: no... too late...

Long and short, I had fun at his expense for a good three hours while the AV was running " your Outlook's download cache is missing... It must have been removed!

So... My (IT) manager "Bob" threw these words at me yesterday... Weird thing happened on Monday, got a random email from someone I didn't know with a password protected pdf in it. Me : um... What dya do with it Bob? Bob: oh I err opened it , cuz the password was in the email... Me: uhuh [reaches for his network cable] Bob: yeah the file said something about knowing what I'd done and paying bitcoin to get my files... Me: so what ya do Bob [disconnects network cable]

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It’s been an interesting past few days professionally. Looking to start brushing off the dust on my resume. Let me know if you know of any product roles in the infosec/cyber space, fed fam!

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Was chatting to someone at work about exactly this sort of abuse of privacy not three hours ago!
BBC News: Facial recognition: School ID checks lead to GDPR fine

What I like is the reasoning behind the judgement: "expectation of privacy", "less intrusive ways" and "failing to complete an adequate impact assessment, which would have included consulting the regulator".

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Someone over at posted this video and I think it deserves some extra coverage 😂😂.


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Looking for players and all around infosec people to connect with.

Hey @jerry really nice to listen to your latest episode. All the best for Andy. It's good to hear the two of you together. Go easy on the Verizon reports though eh?😉

Has anyone been to, is going to or has heard of infosecurityeurope.com ? I've been able to get a day off for it as looks like a lot of the talks might actually be useful, they also have a SANS CTF, though I may give it a miss. Not that confident!

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