Today is my first real big exam since I finished school... Just as stressful as I remembered. Wish me luck 😄

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Shodan currently has a $5 lifetime membership offer... 😲

@R10T has posted a nice list on more deals!

Do you guys know if passing arguments via NRPE is still considered a security risk?
The vulnerability was found in 2016 I think, and there are options, like the NASTY_METACARS and the network from which a client accepts NRPE requests...
Is the RCE "fixed" or is this really just damage control?

Has anyone of you guys a recommendation for a proper infosec certificate?
I want to "change" into infosec from being an admin. I am doing a lot of security stuff in my current position, but want to get certificated 😄
I always thought the eccouncil ones were solid, but after seeing the videos they put up on their site I highly doubt that 😂 E.g:

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Reading about so many security-related events and wondering how people have time to attend all of them. has an explanation:

Remember kids: if that "security researcher" is at every con and community event, there's no time left for research. They are a "security entertainer" masquerading as a "researcher".

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