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Also, if you make me watch a several-minute video about how your app works just because I did a clean install, I despise you and will find a replacement for your app as quickly as possible.

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Hey UX designers? A lot of you seem to not be talking to your power users.

Having to re-work workflows on every release sucks and messes with habit formation that makes things fast and useful. Having previously scriptable actions suddenly not be scriptable is frustrating. Walking me through how your app intro, with no way to skip, every time I get a new device is maddening

I'm really liking the masks-in-public thing. Don't get me wrong, I'll be glad when it's no longer needed, not least because there are times it really is a challenge

But it's really nice to know nothing is scanning my face, and it's lovely not to feel compelled to smile at people when I'm pensive or cranky

Ah yes, time for another round of "X company we like is acquired by Y company we don't; no reason to wait to see what happens—we must immediately abandon X"

This time with a healthy dose of "Y has sinned and can never be forgiven"

Succinctly summarized. Most of the US is on board with stay-at-home, despite the disproportionate coverage of the insane people protesting otherwise

Someone is going to read that and tell the story of how they went after their dream, achieved it, and are very happy as a result. Genuinely: good for them!

It's also survivorship bias. You mostly don't hear from the people who chased a dream and failed. The world is littered with broken dreams

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Better advice would be to do things that get you a breadth of experience. That could be trying out jobs, it could be taking entry-level roles where you do a bit of everything in a field, etc. Try new things, pay attention to what you're good at and focus there

There's satisfaction in mastery; often moreso than in single-minded pursuit of a specific dream

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it irritates the hell out of me that people keep giving the "do what you love" advice to job-seekers at the start of their careers. For one, almost no one is lucky enough to do that without years spend gaining mastery first

Besides, most people change their mind about what they love as they mature and grow and gain experience

Next best thing to actually being in London? Espresso from Rosslyn coffee (my favorite London café) by Origin Coffee Roasters with local small-farm milk in a home-made cappuccino.

Still not as good as they manage…

A DevOps conference conducted in ! Streaming currently at (links to Twitch stream) apparently. What a cool idea.


I'm getting faster with design work. Got the Harry Potter version of Munchkin to play with the family, and decided it needed a card tray for storage. 10m in OpenSCAD and 3 in Slic3r, and away we go!

Fits perfectly in the box, has a thumb notch to make getting the cards out easier, etc. If I did it again I'd try to have it use less plastic.

covid denial, threat 

Every day, at least one of my wife's colleague dies. We have friends on ventilators. I have dead family members who didn't believe covid was a risk.

I haven't been in a fight for thirty years. But spout anti-science bullshit near me, and I will seriously break quarantine to seriously break your teeth, knock you to the ground, and sit on your chest while I scream the names of the dead in your face.

Then go bathe in Lysol, because you have cooties.

Still worth it.


Today for the first time, a video on my got more views than the same video on my YT channel.
Today I also reached 10k subs on LBRY, compared to 35k on YT.
& my latest video made almost $300 on LBRY, while on YT it was demonetized.
We're starting to have real alternatives.


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