@noelle @drwho is there any reason you can't use a declare section to set a variable and then reference that in both places? (I'm assuming this is PL/PgSQL)

Like, is there some effect of the backreference you're after that I might not be seeing?

re: A long analysis of FOSS fans 

@TheGibson @lilletale @ljwrites @alcinnz well put.

We talk about this pattern in my family as "the asshole problem". If you are too tolerant of assholes in a space, good people start to leave and the assholes invite their friends, until at some point your space is overwhelmingly assholes and you likely lost the power to fix it.

A long analysis of FOSS fans 

@lilletale @ljwrites @alcinnz and honestly, the more moderate people get tired of that kind of behavior and distance themselves, which further concentrates that attitude within the community

I can’t believe I just wrote this up. 

BotNet:Gr@vy8o47(APT: Cold Turkey) 
BotNet:Gr@vy8o47 is a botnet that targets a specific vulnerability in Wifi connected Turkey Fryers around the globe. Massachusetts based APT:0xc00lturk3y Is the organizer behind the attacks. 

US pol, election 

@Ent they were against *direct democracy*, and favored a *republican democracy* instead. My point it's like you're saying "they wanted a TIGER not a FELINE", when it's more "they wanted a tiger, not a lion"

USpol, COVID, rant 

Welp, congrats everyone who completely ignored or massively downplayed the risk of COVID for political or economic reasons—we're back in lockdown until mid-December to try to keep hospitals from being overrun, you short-sighted, ignorant fucks

US pol, election 

@Ent The US *is* a democracy. The kind of democracy it is: federal republic

Hi. I know there are some folks who built their own super low profile split keyboards.. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark the posts in question.

Which ones do you have? Asking for a friend who's looking to migrate away from an ortholinear setup.

@rysiek I'm all for a simplified default experience, but I miss when designers offered a straightforward path to the advanced features instead of completely hiding/disabling them

Always proud of the work @Veracode@twitter.com does on the State of Software Security report. Volume 11 is no exception: info.veracode.com/report-state

(If you don't want to give out your contact for access, hit me up and I'll happily get you a copy)

If you use 3rd party network filters (like VPN clients or firewalls) on macOS, hold off on Big Sur. Pretty big hole that Apple's apps use and malware can use to bypass such tools using the new network filter system.


HT @lrvick & @TheGibson

And this is why phishing is worth attackers' investment (HT WeldPond): twitter.com/tazwake/status/132

“Got to see my favourite type of Incident Ticket today.
User got suspicious email, reported it because when they followed the link it went to a sign in page but 'none of their corporate credentials worked'
For added value, service desk closed ticket cos it wasn't a supported site”


@Tay0 @TheGibson no one said they're not valid; what was said is that if you think there is *no difference* then there's not really common ground to work from. Disagreement and criticism are not attacks or statements about validity

@technomancy @suetanvil @varx that's not the question. The question is whether anger at GitHub about the situation is reasonable or useful, not whether you should host solely on their platform

@suetanvil @varx @technomancy the youtube-dl project could file a counter-claim, and GitHub has to then promptly restore the content. But a counter-claim is basically saying "I'm right; sue me or STFU", and I don't blame the maintainers for not wanting to take on the RIAA's deep pockets

Anger at GitHub/Microsoft over this situation, though, is misplaced

@suetanvil @varx @technomancy that is what GitHub is literally legally required to do under the DMCA. They don't have standing to push back. The way the DMCA is written, if someone makes a copyright claim about something you host, you MUST take it down promptly. You don't have the option to push back

Asking MS to "push back" on a DMCA claim is asking them to break the law

Me and my friend tried went to what we thought was an empty house to retrieve stolen ballots for Mr Trump, but there was this kid in the house, and he rigged the house with a bunch of booby traps. I got hit in the head with an iron, and my friend got his head set on fire.

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