Veracode does Hackathons like no one else, I swear. Where else would the theme be "Cyberpunk" and people would appreciate me dressing the part to dive the grid? 💚

It's always a joke I think 3 people will laugh at that does well

And the irony is that I ended up getting the single-dose J&J vaccine…

The weather here got up to -5°C over the weekend, so we took a light hike along the Vermillion River. Frozen waterfalls!

And this is why phishing is worth attackers' investment (HT WeldPond):

“Got to see my favourite type of Incident Ticket today.
User got suspicious email, reported it because when they followed the link it went to a sign in page but 'none of their corporate credentials worked'
For added value, service desk closed ticket cos it wasn't a supported site”

Today's home cappuccino, in an Alterra cup from before they were sold to Nestle (their lakefront shop in Milwaukee was a favorite haunt of mine)

For dessert, I had ice cream drowned in Unicorn Blood

No, seriously! I made affogato ("drowned") with the Unicorn Blood espresso from Dark Matter (Chicago)

Going through old accounts and remembered that time @dildog said "because sometimes I am root and shit happens", so I made drinkware:

And now I kind of don't want to delete my Cafepress account

This may be the best food review ever (for a plant based chicken nugget substitute)

Next best thing to actually being in London? Espresso from Rosslyn coffee (my favorite London café) by Origin Coffee Roasters with local small-farm milk in a home-made cappuccino.

Still not as good as they manage…

A DevOps conference conducted in ! Streaming currently at (links to Twitch stream) apparently. What a cool idea.


I'm getting faster with design work. Got the Harry Potter version of Munchkin to play with the family, and decided it needed a card tray for storage. 10m in OpenSCAD and 3 in Slic3r, and away we go!

Fits perfectly in the box, has a thumb notch to make getting the cards out easier, etc. If I did it again I'd try to have it use less plastic.

Well I think that's accurate enough! Printed a lovely C920 webcam cover; it clips over the top and uses a pressure-fit hinge. Fits great!

First test print with octoprint running via OctoPi; the shelf is a mess and will need some layout love once I'm confident everything is working, but… it will be good not to have to leave the laptop connected during prints anymore

One of the things I love about where I work is that we understand the value of fun and creativity. As part of that, people make and share technical puzzles -- and we've decided to make them available to the world (well, those that can be; it's hard to export an escape room..)

And tonight's batch brings me to three dozen. I love the ragmask pattern; I've made a few process tweaks so that I can process a batch of 6 masks in an hour including set up and cleanup. And I'm not a fast sewist; my spouse (a quilter) can go almost twice as fast

Hardly feels like a dent when local care facilities are asking for thousands, but it's better than zero, and it's what I can do

Making ragmasks. 2-layer quilter's cotton filters more than a surgical mask, comfortable and suitable for daily wear; in a few I included appropriate filter material as a third layer for N95-like performance. (One image includes eye contact) for pattern.

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