The two most toxic attitudes at work are two sides of the same coin: "that's not my job" and "I can't say no"

"that's not my job" is a complete disregard for being part of a team or an organization. No work is beneath you.

*this does not mean you have to do every task you're asked*: "I can't say no" is *also* a complete disregard for being part of a team or an org. Not everything is a good use of your time and energy 1/…

Avoiding those two extremes means appropriately prioritizing your work along with your team. Given everything asked, what are the right things for you to be working on?

It also means getting a resolution on things you say no to: either a clear decision that no one is going to do them, or making sure they have "homes" (someone who will be accountable for them now) 2/…

Sometimes the most important thing for you to do right now is to take out the trash or shave a yak. If you're doing things outside your main role a *lot*, it's probably worth discussing whether there needs to be another strategy.

But if it needs to be done, sometimes you're the person to do it even if it's not exactly what you were hired for 3/3

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