I understand the value of opinionated design, but so often the opinion seems to be "power users can eat shit"

@darrenpmeyer opinionated design just means "I'm building this for me and only adding features I care about. Everyone else can fuck off.

While I've known some good opinionated software I have never found the fact that it was opinionated (which means you are locked into a single way of doing everything) to be beneficial.

"opinionated design" is the biggest turnoff I can hear when i take a peek at some software.

@freemo I mean, it *can* mean “we’re building a thing to accomplish a goal in the way we think is best”, which can bring focus to a design compared to trying to support everyone’s workflow/process

When it’s good, it’s “we built a thing to do X in Y way, and if that’s not what you want to do: cool, this isn’t for you”

Way more often, though, “we don’t want to support all of Y way because some parts are complex and we think our users are stupid”

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