I'm enjoying watching people who have no idea the difficulties in scaling federated services throw rocks at Signal for not being able to instantly scale in the face of something like 500% growth in a matter of days


@amsomniac no, people are saying that if they were, they wouldn't have these scaling issues. As if federation automatically solves scaling or something

@darrenpmeyer I mean, people could run their own servers and distribute the load. email seems to be scaling ok...

@amsomniac anything can scale at reasonable pace, and every approach has hard parts.

Email has a large enough presence now that the network can withstand large scaling events, but "suddenly there are 5x the number of mail users on the existing services" would have caused serious issues not that long ago. Hell, email HAS HAD past scaling issues

Federation doesn't magically solve scaling

@darrenpmeyer no, sure, but it's frustrating to see signal experience 10 hours of outage after insisting on centralization

@amsomniac yeah, it's frustrating for sure. But that doesn't necessarily mean federation would have saved them or that federation is right for them. Like anything, federation is a set of trade-offs, and treating it as a panacea is silly

A federated comms network with a 5x unplanned growth over a few days would have different, but still severe, problems

@darrenpmeyer definitely. it was a pretty intense reminder, for me personally anyway, that I shouldn't rely on one centralized source for all my communications, so I'm going to try to talk to as many people as I can through xmpp and delta chat

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