It seems like tech people have a serious problem: believing that "modern" means throwing out good ideas and designs just because they're not new


The times I have had to justify not modifying a perfectly good methodology to people who just want to do it a new way...

If it is working, and there is no impetus to change it... It shouldn't be change just because "new hotness".

@TheGibson that too. Though "modernizing" something that's working is fine if it means fixing the truly outdated (designs that were bad or just don't make sense anymore) and refining the good parts

It's the "let's replace this well-loved, usable, acessible, fast, efficient website and simple API with a Single-Page app and and Serverless, even though it makes this service more expensive, less usable, and less accessible, because MODERN" shit that gets me


Sounds like all teenagers : all music and movies pre-2010

"What is this, 1995?" and "Let's go back 5 years" -- common phrases to ridicule what is not modern without wanting to having an actual discussion... and people buy them!

@alvarezp my favorite instance of this was a a friend's company rejecting BSD in favor of Windows for a project, not for any purpose fit or technical reason, but because "Unix is 40-year-old tech". As if it has been stagnant and not improved and refined at all in the last 40 years…

@darrenpmeyer @alvarezp oh BSD? You mean that thing that made Netflix, NetApp, Whatsapp, EMC, (....) wildly successful? Seems like a bad idea.

@besserwisser @alvarezp I mean, Windows is about 40 now, but Unix is roughly 20 years older than that. But it is definitely a hallmark of that kind of attitude that people don't realize how old a lot of what they consider "modern" actually is. Even Python 3 was like 12 years ago.

@darrenpmeyer @alvarezp Don't tell them or we'll be switching to new tech even faster!
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