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Gotta say I appreciate my employer a ton, and anytime things are tough I get solid reminders why I like them.

Our offices has been closed for weeks. As in: badges are disabled, stay the fuck home.

Our CEO told everyone it's ok to be less productive, and that taking care of family is everyone's first priority

She also reminds everyone regularly not to overwork, to take time off when we want or need it, and not to be shy about asking for help and accommodation

This should be the norm

COVID-19 MN details 

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And Minnesota has issued a Shelter In Place Order starting Friday at 11:59pm and continuing for two weeks. Expecting restrictions of some level for at least 12 weeks thereafter

I’m looking for pay range data on security researchers, especially AppSec-focused. Anyone willing to share data? (DM is ok, I can give you a Signal via DM if you prefer)

Would need basic job duties, since they vary, and approximate pay range. Glassdoor and such are not very useful for this

If you're a secops person out of work and interested in some Security Ops contract work, I may be able to help. DM me

100% remote work, full time

If not, please boost for visibility!

"Papa, you're awesome. Your jokes are a little lame, but you're awesome" – K

Batch online activity as much as you can. Your VPN is taxed, so are your cloud services. “Going offline for 2h to preserve bandwidth for others” is a great excuse for heads-down work time.

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Make a good self care plan. Not having to shower before you go to work can easily become forgetting to shower all day. Or more. Keep the routine you have already, even if you have to modify it a little. You’ll feel better. Don’t forget things like the coffee breaks and such that you use for “me time” at work!

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You might find yourself working annoyingly closely with partners/roommates you usually get distance from. Figure out ground rules for getting your introvert time! Write them down!

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Take a minute ASAP to set up backup work spaces. You probably have a main space you gravitate to, but change of place and perspective will keep you focused and fresh.

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Remote work amplifies differences in work style. Be patient with and empathetic toward your coworkers with different styles.

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As an integrator, you don’t need strong separation between work and personal; they blur. If you’re not used to bringing this home though, it can lead to overwork or over-distraction. Have a strategy to make sure you get adequate breaks and that the breaks don’t turn into multi-hour game marathons. This gets easier once your habits adapt

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The extroverts you work with will get needier. Try to empathize and do their video calls or whatever, but put some thought in to what your boundaries will be and be prepared to enforce them. Otherwise you’ll burn yourself out.

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I’ve noticed a lot of work from home advice — of which there’s a lot right now as more people are being asked to do so — is focused on people who are at least somewhat extroverted and are “separators” (they need or want clear lines between work and personal lives)

As an introverted “integrator” who has worked remotely the better part of a decade, allow me to provide alternatives (and please feel free to ask questions here or in DM!)

I’ll tag all of these as for work from home

Honestly, the most compelling argument for augmented reality is the possibility of meatspace adblock

How big of a nerd am I? Well, I needed to make some descaling solution for my espresso machine…

Working on Derby cars with my . I designed and printed a custom tray for tungsten incremental cube weights, and I'm thrilled! I did the design off website specs, and when the cubes arrived they pressure-fit. 😍

is really a gift for craft work like this

So in summary: someone wrote a bot which forces me to do something for the bot to leave me alone.

How polite.

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