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Tools: Unblockable Chains - POC project of a fully functional C&C infrastructure on top of the public Ethereum network. It demonstrates a novel channel for implant and controller communications by using smart contract as intermediate -

Here's a twist: My works has apparently been named as evidence in the lawsuit by the "snake oil crypto" people against Black Hat.

I'm not usually one for sugar and flavor in my coffee, but I'll make an exception for a Rainbow Latte (chocolate peppermint with rainbow art) and Campfire Latte (mocha with a toasted marshmallow)

If you're going to make me lease a gateway/modem, don't give me a piece of shit

And also, at minimum, IT SHOULD NOT START ON FIRE

"But I can see your connection is active, sir"

Yes, I am a nerd and have spare gateways and know how to configure them

Trying to get my ISP's support to send me a new modem. They're trying their support script, which I appreciate, but I'm pretty sure "device was hot and emitting smoke" is not gonna be solved by a reboot…

4.5km ride on the . I'm almost up to making a continuous trip to my local cafe (that's 5.3km away, with a couple challenging hills)!

But still nowhere near pushing the 20-28km max range…

It seems weird to say I'm building up endurance for an electric transport device, but it's true! I've been riding my regularly for 2-3km trips (and often return trips), and now my calves and feet aren't all tense and sore afterwards.

It's lovely to be able to go 3km in 10m (including waiting at traffic controls) casually. It's really extended how far I can range from home without driving.

Related: lots of time wasted on trying to be clever with unproven controls that *might* be marginally better than a proven, simple control you already have

The number of times I've seen people try to get clever with things like authn and authz in new apps when they already have a well-designed SSO or something in place…

It's amazing to me how many hours are wasted by companies trying to find clever ways to protect sensitive data or resources that they don't actually need to have in the first place

Every single security person should have a habit of pushing for people to consider the simplest security control: stop doing the risky thing

If there's good reason to reject that option, fine: we can mitigate the risk. But *make people defend the choice*

How was my day? I thought of this while making my cappuccino this morning and it's still stuck in my head:

🎶I’ve got two espressos with some micro-foam. That's where it's at!

Instead of asking why I have a G4 Cube, you should be asking why I had to spend 10 minutes cleaning cheese out of it.

A Tumblr called "Accidentally Quadratic", dedicated to showcasing instances of software that did just that: accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.c

Headlines that shouldn’t need to exist: "Drinking bleach will not cure cancer or autism, FDA warns”

Context – there are a bunch of “supplements” marketed for treating cancer, autism, etc. that are just “chlorine dioxide solutions”. They’re effectively bleach. People are using them.

I love camping but it's kind of trippy

I have enough money, technology, and security to enjoy pretending to live like I have none of those things for a few days…

Pour contents of cup into beaker

Place strainer over cup

Start pouring contents through strainer back into cup

Think: "oh, I hope it all fits!" … … …

Q: If you, like me, make your income via the internet (not just through something like ecommerce or Patreon...but like a day job that is internet related), and the internet were to go away tomorrow, what other skills do you have to make a living?

I don't know if I have any, and that disappoints me.

Feel free to boost to get a bigger answer pool.

I actually appreciate image descriptions more than I had anticipated. They explain to me why people have posted this picture or what is their specific focus, that is interesting. Often I learn that a picture is less self explanatory than I assumed.

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