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Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

Friendly debate on this topic for me curious about a wider perspective. Please feel free to boost for biggest answer set!

Someone who is new to infosec should focus most on learning:

The whole "Mastodon scraping" thing is turning into a great teachable moment about the difference between social expectations and policies

And the importance of strong technical controls to enforce any of those you think are particularly important — whether or not there are procedural, social, and legal controls in place

One of my favorite details of Mandalorian lore is that they culture milk, and when they do so they sell the solids but keep the leftover liquid

This is the whey

Which is kind of a weird full-circle place for me to be. I was a Linux desktop user 1997-2005, and switched to OS X because it was such a nice UI to Unix. But it's gotten less and less Unixy and more and more a hassle to tweak

Other than for work, macOS is increasingly becoming a base layer upon which to run Linux VMs

And MS Office (I know, I know, LibreOffice keeps getting better. It's still not as good as MS Office in any of the ways that matter most to me)

If I could virtualize macOS reliably under non-Mac hosts, I'd likely just boot Linux directly

Hey app devs! Relative dates on things are cool. But if you’re going to go that way, please make sure they stay reasonably accurate by somewhat frequently updating the view. Nothing like seeing ’5m ago’ change to ’1d ago’ after a refresh…

LittleSnitch just warned me that OpenConnect is a suspicious process. On the one hand, I guess that's fair -- I'd use that to exfil.

On the other hand... LOL

Man, what is with all the Federated long-form-writing stuff (like Plume and WriteFreely) making it so hard to post basic text? "Minimalist" apparently means something different to me than to those projects...

Been a while since I used a lower-end laptop. My complaints about the MBP keyboard have been placed in some perspective. How does anyone type on these weird squishy things?

Anyone can code the same way anyone can do art

Everyone can, indeed, create art. But not everyone can be a great artist. Not everyone can make a living from their art (and this doesn’t necessarily track with skill). And if you want to be good at it, it takes a lot of disciplined practice

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