It seems like tech people have a serious problem: believing that "modern" means throwing out good ideas and designs just because they're not new

It's been interesting to watch the public reaction to COVID-19 and how it maps to how people react to infosec risk. And one thread I see in both places is the perception that caution or risk-aversion is "fear" and/or "weakness"

If I had a nickel for every decision-maker that dismissed a sober risk analysis as "paranoia" and followed it up with tough-guy talk, I could retire

I require two-factor auth: In order to log in you must find two prime factors in this problem set…

Gotta love working for a company full of hackers. Org sent us locked bags ahead of a company event with a "we'll give you the code on event day!". Half the company bypassed the lock immediately, and there's a "spoilers" thread for different bypass methods. :pika:

I swear whoever figured out Sudafed should get a prize. That moment when it finally kicks in and I can breathe again is almost spiritual

Hey, – anyone have a potter they like? I'm looking to commission a set of hand-thrown beer mugs…

Seriously, Apple can go die in a fire for so many things, but pushing peripheral standards forward is such a weird thing to be upset at them for

Especially if you're not even using any of their products! The number of people who never wanted a Mac but are *still* mad about "dongles" (don't get me started on that bullshit) because Macs went all in on USB-C is too damned high

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Apple: has a variety of connectors for various uses

Users: there should just be 1-2 standard connectors for things!

Apple: goes to USB-C for everything except their mobile devices, which use Lightning

Users: not like that!

When are people going to figure out that Microsoft says “developers, developers, developers” the same way zombies say “braaaaains”?

They need developers on board to survive. They don’t *care about* developers at all. It’s just food.

programming would be 1000% easier if things actually followed the standards they say they are following.

Breaking the DRM on stuff you own should not be /literally illegal/.

Seriously, what the /heck/ USA.

Please remember that when giving assistance to people targeted by fascists, you can make them and you into clearer targets if you aren't thoughtful. Help as you can, but practice good OPSEC. Help quietly, help untraceably if possible, and don't go around bragging about your assistance.

I'm looking to hire (yes, paid) an independent/freelance designer to produce a simple letterhead design that includes a stylized graphic element (think logo, but doesn't have to be a logo exactly) and my name. It's for my personal use, with the main execution being things like professional note cards to send as thank you's and the like.

Preference given to underrepresented folks. Boosts appreciated

Please DM me with questions or proposals/rate (include portfolio link pls)

Shameless Shilling 

Weekly reminder that My security company is open to assist with any security needs you or your company may require.

We do blue team and red team work, staff augmentation, and consulting.

Clients all over the world, and of many different sizes.

To paraphrase Firefly, You got a job, we can do it. Don't care much what it is... unless you are ethically or morally corrupt... then we may turn you away.

We were founded on serving clients that weren't evil... We still do.

Today's home cappuccino, in an Alterra cup from before they were sold to Nestle (their lakefront shop in Milwaukee was a favorite haunt of mine)

Uspol, voting 

I know voting isn’t radical.

But I would appreciate it if ya’ll/yinz could find it in your heart to take a day off from a rad agenda to do it.

I’d really like to stop the bleeding.

Please remember that the coronavirus has not gone away just because people are bored with it now

There's the concept of "the Master's mind is the Beginner's mind", and I think that applies to things like OS and tool choice

A beginner doesn't care what OS they use, they just want to get their tasks done

As we advance, we start to see ways we can work better by choosing better tools and exerting control over our environment, so we start to have opinions about what OSes are best, what tools are most useful, and so on. Advanced users have an optimized workflow and are bothered by being forced to use an OS or toolchain that doesn't work in harmony with that

But if you look at the users who are true masters of their art, you start to notice it come full circle. They have preferences, of course, but you can sit them in front of any OS or toolchain and they can quickly be productive within those constraints. Like a beginner, they don't care much about the specific tools.

And as with the source idea, the difference is the master has moved beyond that need whereas the beginner hasn't yet discovered it

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