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Ok. Liberapay is set up: I don’t have Stripe connected yet, but should tomorrow. PayPal should work, though.

Please boost if your account is safe for non-binary people. :nonbinary: :nb:

The worst version of this is the "paternal voice" crap. So many authors do the whole "Stop doing X!" or "You're Doing Y Wrong!" crap. It's deeply disrespectful to their audience, and the arguments for the position are typically deeply subjective

The lack of agency so many authors imply when complaining about tech mystifies me.

"There are too many notifications!" Ok… turn a bunch off. It's not the tech's fault, it's your failure to exert the control you're given

"The Internet is distracting!" No, you're easily distracted by it. Me too, ok? But own it. It's not the Internet's fault, it's your/my failure to take control of our access

Now that my ISP has actually made a decision about its longer term plan for IPv6, I guess I can't put off learning more than the basics about such networks any longer

Anyone have a good book rec on the topic?

Way too many pentest services are "run someone else's tools, poorly summarize the results". Don't pay someone for that shit, you're better off investing that money in training people to do that internally

When that stops finding useful things (because you fixed them all) *then* pay for a quality pentest to find what the tools can't

O365's MFA lockout problem should remind us that every confidentiality control poses an availability risk. It's often a good trade (like with MFA), but that doesn't mean you can ignore the risk

Is there a name for the logical fallacy that leads to people resisting a solution because it doesn't solve everything, even though they also agree that any "better" solution isn't available?

Pitched cider with English Cider Yeast in a 1L starter. OG 1.050

Temp controller and heated wrap should keep it at 67°F ±1°… and his nice jacket should help keep the heat in even though the basement is cooler than that

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It’s been a while since I’ve had the time and space to . Feels good to get back into it.

Currently making the starter for a 20L batch of hard cider, and the house smells like apples ❤️

"I want an unhackable phone"

If your net worth is less than a half million dollars, and you aren't a power user:

Get an iPhone, keep it updated, set an alphanumeric passphrase. It will cost 6 figures minimum to hack your phone. You aren't that important.

Ergonomics is a lot more important than you think; take some time to think about how you can make your workspace and habits more friendly to your body

And never skimp on the human interface to your machines—KB, Pointer, Display; but also chair and desk and lighting

Ich werde beim #35c3 Sticker verteilen, die ich selbst gestaltet und drucken lassen habe. Angelehnt an einen Sticker dens bei 34c3 gab. Sprecht mich einfach bei der Chaoszone an und ich drücke euch eine Anzahl in die Pfoten/Hände. :)
Ihr erkennt mich vermutlich an einer Schärpe bestehend aus diesen Stickern ;) Wenn ihr sie in euren Hackspace/Erfa verteilt bekommt ihr gerne auch ein paar mehr.

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