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@darrenpmeyer is BEGIN KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE. kXR7VktZdyH7rvq v5weRa0zkHTD5gA t4njJqXu5B0nK8b s9BK1PWO7oRIaZm kWzZSALJrZY0S4z oWNRJdjUNHNbGuP iugN99JaQWs2z7m Wl71wxkd78E4Zyj 27sWB9ILidR1jh8 bSgjWglnVhCcMpk AmX0Qo2ivRQ6Xlt 46Uk2OF5Mg30zx6 G0Bbo2lEhpXpNyh XMtzqHC31sCl7xh lrecoO3pGuuCKMS SZOiRLweB46ZE4x 6dtgWgYm4Zd7uaT NlD8Ma6r9Qd6tk. END KEYBASE SALTPACK SIGNED MESSAGE

Killing time on the plane watching Deadpool 2. Domino needs her own entire franchise. Such a badass

Long time eterm user. Not sure about emoji support but the thing is endlessly customizable and super lightweight.

it's been a while since I played with Linux networking beyond the basics (a testament to how good distro setups are now)

WTF is up with netplan? It seems needlessly complicated and doesn't appear to actually support virtual devices (eg the old eth0:1 type thing)… halp?

Well now I'm glad I kept mine. Got a handy link for me to dig into?

Over 485,000 Ubiquiti devices vulnerable to new attack.
Ubiquiti devices could be exploited to launch DDoS attack. Exploitation attempts detected.

1. Combine several RPi functions onto a larger host
2. I should use iptables on this host
3. (later) Why are all my clients offline?!
4. … remember to open 67/udp

I have 2 kids < 10y; they're interested in music in their rooms. Anyone have a rec for kid-resistant solutions that support streaming? They're not super gentle…

can't believe developers are pandering to the SJWs yet again. i mean look at this, half the characters are black! and the woman is the strongest character in the game! my immersion is totally ruined, god.

Spoiler: It doesn't work.

Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer (STEP) in cardiac bypass patients: a multicenter randomized trial of uncertainty and certainty of receiving intercessory prayer.

Let’s play a little game - find all the things in this thread that made me angry.

starting point:
- Monitoring people’s activity without consent: check
- assigning a random score and publishing it with the claim of „authority“: check
- claiming an „opt out“ is the way to go: check

Very little is more frustrating than people having arguments over simple facts while having a networked computer in their pocket that could resolve the question in moments

Looks like I might get a few days in London soon. I've been once before and saw the War Museum, the Tate Modern, the British museum

People who know the city: what else should I do on a weekend?

I used to listen to music, view art, or read a story, and think "that's awful"... and just accept that.

Now it captures my full attention and I ask, "Why does it evoke that reaction? Is it bad, or does it just violate my pre-conceptions? Might it be worth changing my mind for?"

I think this is partly a mental trigger I've built from working on a diverse team. When I encountered a suggestion or idea I didn't like, I used to react too quickly without giving it due consideration.

It appears I'm the only person in my immediate friend circle that rearranges my phone home screen when I travel

I'm told it's odd to put the apps I need for travel on home or dock only to move them when I return…

tbh, I don't understand why it's weird to make use of a devices features

'When registering an account with #Telegram, the app helpfully uploads the entire Contacts database to Telegram's servers (optional on iOS).

This allows Telegram to build a huge social network map of all the users and how they know each other.

It is extremely difficult to remain anonymous while using Telegram because the social network of everyone you communicate with is known to them (and whomever has pwned their servers).'

more reasons why telegram is not a good choice for secure messaging:

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