Wed, May 2 - 7pm - Dallas, Texas

If you're in ( / ), come on out for our Fifth Anniversary!

Already have folks lining up to give talks, including drunken hacking, proper (undisclosed) 0days, and other stuff.

Bring a laptop to participate in our CTF. Bring your favorite picks for our Locksport.

First month, feel free to lurk. Second time you visit, you talk.

What will you talk about?

More info:


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@dallas_hackers I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it (gonna try) but if I can't will you get @tinker to talk about TXLF and tell people to register. Would love to get a strong showing there from Dallas folks.


Are the events always on Wednesdays, are there other opportunities to come out and play?


We always meet on the first Wednesday of every month, but there are other groups in the area:

DC214 - Local DefCon group. It meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month (no help to you, though...)

2600 - First Friday of the month. - Local hackerspace / makerspace meets frequently.

If you go for groups, there are many, like North Texas Cyber Security Group, meets 4th Thurs.



I teach every Wednesday night. If I find myself with a free evening, I'll try and come visit.


I'm not sure what hackery topic I'd be able to speak on, but I'll pull it over.

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