Looking through:
These USB Sticks + 3 hard drives + 2 cloud services + 4 vms.

Twitter bookmarks + browser bookmarks + read later app + screenshots

ToDo: Look over it, delete redundant data, create backups, store it properly.

Look for gems, find a archive solution.

What a way to spend a friday night. I hope I find inner peace after this.

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Part 2:
I have currently +7 active e-mail address spread over 3 provider. I have to slightly change my strategy here.

Next: Improvement of my security and backup strategy.

It is way more work than I thought tbh. I think it will cost me 2 more evenings to work off my ToDo list.
But it has to be done at some time, so I am fine with that.

I consolidated multiple email accounts into one Fastmail account and am happy for it.

Gonna check it out. Thank you. Could be a possible solution.

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