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J'aime bcp cette photo : des palestiniens forment un bouclier, main dans la main, afin de protéger la fille des tirs des snipers israeliens

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"On a rendu les couronnes héréditaires dans certaines familles ; et l'on a établi un ordre de succession qui prévient toute dispute à la mort des rois ; c'est-à-dire que, substituant l'inconvénient des régences à celui des élections, on a préféré une apparente tranquillité à une administration sage, et qu'on a mieux aimé risquer d'avoir pour chefs des enfants, des monstres, des imbéciles, que d'avoir à disputer sur le choix des bons rois"

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I want to #selfhost a fully standalone + offline cache of web + ebook content with a search engine on top.

While our home "DC" was up and online during most of the hurricane, we lost internet connection and couldn't look up a lot of things online that we take for granted.

I want to fix that, anyone out there familiar with the space? or know what #FOSS projects are best to glue this stuff together?

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France has published their "offensive cyber operations" doctrine, or at least the non-classified bits:

Des bons animes shonen à me recommander ?

r/netsec - Researcher banned from Valve's bug bounty program publishes 2nd Steam Local Privilege Escalation 0-day

1,123 votes and 188 comments so far on Reddit

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Do you have in-depth ressources about the current Korea-Japan trade war?

r/netsec - REPORT: 82% of People Say They Connect to Any Free WiFi That’s Available in a Public Place

469 votes and 141 comments so far on Reddit

r/sysadmin - Tools & Info for Sysadmins - Malware Analysis Service, Syntax Guide, DNS Book & More

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Because You Cant Run, You Cant Hide: Some Musings on API Design || James Powell

Malware Researcher Hutchins Sentenced to Supervised Release

Marcus Hutchins, the researcher known for stopping WannaCry, avoids jail time over charges of creating and distributing Kronos malware.

Tarik wants to connect on Wire

I'm on Wire, search for @crowd42 or visit

r/netsec - Under the Hoodie 2019: Security Lessons Learned from 180 Pen Tests | Rapid7

242 votes and 31 comments so far on Reddit

WTF! I'm getting this error when I try to start crond service!
"Error 0x7a911401 in attaching to process!"


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