In my personal cheat sheet of docker notes, my entry for "docker system info" says, "Reminds you that docker is really complicated." Still makes me laugh.

I love Alpine Linux. So lightweight. I observe, however, that the X86-64 docker image has grown 27% in size in the past 17 months. It is the way of the world.

@ScottMortimer On the positive side, AWS doesn't (seem to) drop support for services, stranding users. Unlike Google. Or perhaps I have this wrong...?

"I'm finally making progress on adding end-to-end encryption for direct messages in Mastodon." – Gargron, head elephant

I wonder what experience Gargron has re encryption... :blobthonkang:

Dark humour 

2020 began with koala bears burning alive and went downhill from there.

I'm telling you all, if you don't post more often, you're going to see more of this. :blobthonkang:

@WPalant I like that theme. Problem though: I see your posts are relevant to my work, so now I've got extra reading to do. 😉

@httpeter Maybe hedge your bets with Flutter, to cover both iOS and Android?? [I'm a backend guy, so what do I know!]

So many bad takes on zoom acquiring keybase.

Also: almost no o̶n̶e̶guy will admit they are wrong on social media. Best to stand down when you realize they are poorly informed.

While acknowledging Google Play's new terms I recalled the developers' conference that announced last week it would be held inside a virtual game. I'm glad I write more code than terms of service!

@jerry We all know that "programmers" have a built in advantage re practicing social distancing ;-)

Stay safe, Jerry.

@maxeddy At first I read, "Right channel is still out. Bleach" and thought, no, no that's not going to help. 😜

@R10T But I am chagrined to learn from your blog post that immediately below where I usually enter my alias commands is a nicely commented reference to .bash_alias. I had NO IDEA there was this standard place for my alias commands. Thx!

@R10T Nit picking old guy here. There are not two kinds of alias. Using your term, there are only temporary. A clue to this is where your wrote "the unalias command works for temporary and permanent aliases". unalias does not persist across sessions. As soon as you log out & back in, the alias exists again.

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