The Webb telescope now has its kite-like shield deployed.

Many steps remain before the JWST is functional, but I'm impressed they've got this far. So MANY moving parts!

I am now 2xVaxed against COVID and vaxed against flu. The only risk I now pose to the general public is annoying grammar corrections.


BTW, how did we manage to lose the distinction between less and fewer? I did NOT get that memo. Jarring when hearing 'less incidents', 'less VMs', etc. Countable vs uncountable, people, how hard was that?!! :blobglare:

"Education isn't something you can finish." – Richard Feynman

From a wonderful site I discovered today while researching the details of SQL materialized views:

Stumbled upon an email thread from 13 years ago: South Asian team members making plans to get home from work while shootings, fires rage through their city. I was safe, in Canada.

TIL a gold bar weighs around 27 pounds.
:blobthonkang: if I were running away, 27 lbs would slow me down quite noticeably...

"Once, GitHub Copilot suggested starting an empty file with something it had even seen more than a whopping 700,000 different times during training -- that was the GNU General Public License."

A cogent argument against using password managers:

I know Tavis Ormandy is smart but the clarity of this writing is superb.

I'm thinking of building a service that automagically changes your LinkedIn status to "Looking for work" if part of your infrastructure earns a CVE score of 10. :thinkergunsunglasses:

Wondering what is the strangest pattern of user behaviour @jerry has noticed in his masto server's logs. :blobthonkang:

There was a PGP usability study conducted a few years ago where a group of technical people were placed in a room with a computer and asked to set up PGP. Two hours later, they were never seen or heard from again.
-- attributed to Ted Unangst by

No comments and minimal whitespace?!?!
Who hates people that much?? 😣

I just read, "New topic explaining how to install VS Code on Raspberry Pi devices" and I may have to give up sleeping to play with all the cool toys.

IBM's Fully Homomorphic Encryption service is "now capable of being performed at seconds per bit,1 making it fast enough for many types of real-world use cases and early trials with businesses."

That's right, Get Out Of The Way! FHE is chasing after you like a rabid snail!

Still, super fast compared to early versions.

I've just tried to solve an advanced chess puzzle, and after half an hour and almost giving up, I realized I tried to solve it for the wrong color 🙈

I'm sure there's a programming metaphor hidden somewhere in here.

Choices. I can upgrade the version of Spring Security I am using in my current project or I can spend the afternoon trying IBM's new demo of their Fully Homomorphic Encryption library...

Would love to be able to search encrypted data (without decrypting), but would love generating income more. :blobthinkingcool:

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