Choices. I can upgrade the version of Spring Security I am using in my current project or I can spend the afternoon trying IBM's new demo of their Fully Homomorphic Encryption library...

Would love to be able to search encrypted data (without decrypting), but would love generating income more. :blobthinkingcool:

Me? On the kitchen counter? Nope, must've been someone else you heard jump down.

Exploring AWS's low code offering, Honeycode. My freelance customers need cheaper solutions.

They're not going to like the limitations, though.

Oh goody. A video explaining how to use a new piece off software where the instructor whips his cursor around at lightning speed, speaking like he's rushing out the door to catch a plane. 🙄

Here, on @jerry's masto instance, I rely on Local view. Good folk.
(I follow back but otherwise don't Follow peeps here)

In my personal cheat sheet of docker notes, my entry for "docker system info" says, "Reminds you that docker is really complicated." Still makes me laugh.

I love Alpine Linux. So lightweight. I observe, however, that the X86-64 docker image has grown 27% in size in the past 17 months. It is the way of the world.

"I'm finally making progress on adding end-to-end encryption for direct messages in Mastodon." – Gargron, head elephant

I wonder what experience Gargron has re encryption... :blobthonkang:

Dark humour 

2020 began with koala bears burning alive and went downhill from there.

I'm telling you all, if you don't post more often, you're going to see more of this. :blobthonkang:

So many bad takes on zoom acquiring keybase.

Also: almost no o̶n̶e̶guy will admit they are wrong on social media. Best to stand down when you realize they are poorly informed.

While acknowledging Google Play's new terms I recalled the developers' conference that announced last week it would be held inside a virtual game. I'm glad I write more code than terms of service!

I see why OWASP called it THREAT Dragon. To use their public demo instance, GitHub will need all this:

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