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Happy new year everyone.

Strong encryption is key to digital privacy and free speech, yet governments are eager to access your devices and communications instead of securing them. Technologist Bruce Schneier breaks down the new Crypto Wars in our first EFF30 Fireside Chat.

Living off the Land -

The term "living off the land" refers to file-less, malware-less attacks that turn a system's own native tools against them. Bad actors use perfectly legitimate programs and processes to perform malicious activities, thereby blending into a network and hiding among the legitimate processes to pull off a stealthy exploit.

A list of binaries, scripts, and libraries that are often abused in LotL attacks.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Between The Hacks!


This is a long-ass thread, even by my long-ass standards. If you'd prefer to read it on the web, here you go:


Security researchers are alarmed: the already-notorious Trickbot malware has been spottied probing infected computers to find out which version of UEFI they're running. This is read as evidence that Trickbot has figured out how to pull off a really scary feat.


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This week on Between The Hacks: Google used for phishing, the U.K. reveals their National Cyber Force, the state of CISA, ransomware takes over printers, and password managers are needed more than ever.

This week on Between the Hacks: Week 5 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Trump Campaign site defaced, ransomware threat against U.S. hospitals, a Facebook MFA bypass attack and how to enable MFA on your accounts.

This week on Between the Hacks: Week 4 of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Trump on cybersecurity, a Chrome zero-day, 63 billion credential stuffing attacks, and a malware museum.

I guess this guy didn't need to have an IQ of 197 since he had 100% of Trump's password. -- Trump's Twitter account hacked after Dutch researcher guessed password

This week on Between the Hacks, it’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, potentially steep fines for paying a ransom, a New Jersey hospital pays a ransom to prevent sensitive data leakage, a warning about election misinformation, and a tool to test website privacy.

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