Blur tools for Signal

The latest version of Signal for Android and iOS introduces a new blur feature in the image editor that can help protect the privacy of the people in the photos you share.

and yes it has been a while.

Based on a mix of new users, recent interactions, etc.

@seb - admin of instance

@mikeofmany - Infosec Researcher, SOC Manager


@ReginaMuehlich Expertin für Datenschutz, DSB, Compliance Officer, QMB.


@slh - IT Security Engineer, posting links to resources lately

@hisham_hm because he does interesting Twitch streams on Teal language

@ckdiii Cybersecurity author, inventor, educator & researcher


Small bit of good news in these dark times

Signal app downloads spike as US protesters seek message encryption

For privacy-conscious protesters in the US, Signal's encrypted messaging app can help preserve anonymity.

This week Between the Hacks reports on phish-testing remote employees, 70% of mobile and desktop apps contain open-source security flaws, the Red Cross calls for governments to band together to stop cyberattacks against hospitals, updates on BlackHat USA 2020’s virtual event, and tips to better secure your Gmail account.

Something has been frustrating me for years and it seems to be getting worse. I am calling it, Domain Name Confusion and it's neutralizing much of the anti-phishing education that we try to reinforce in everyone.

IoT Village is doing some things live on Twitch.

Goes live at 6pm EDT on Thurs 5/28! Watch here:

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You can have a strong, unique password, you can have multi-factor authentication in place, but good luck trying to prevent a member of your social media team ‘going rogue’.

This week in Between the Hacks, Apple adds contact tracing to the iPhone, a new LogMeIn phish, Windows 7 use is increasing, Verizon releases their 13th annual DBIR report, and Mikko Hyppönen’s Disobey keynote from February, 2020.

Cybersecurity reports are rich resources for infosec professionals, academics, journalists and anyone interested in . This week, Between The Hacks reviews the newly released Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

This is good news

Signal to move away from using phone numbers as user IDs | ZDNet

Signal launches profile PINs, the first step in supporting Signal user accounts that are not tied to phone numbers.

Apparently the U.S. Customs and Border Protection thought this envelope of Smashing Security stickers from the U.K. was worth investigating. Come to think of it, there was no cash in the envelope. I'm SURE Graham and Carole would have sent more than just stickers! ;) @gcluley

RSS never disappeared, it just became a bit forgotten about as people got sucked into proprietary platforms. I have used many different RSS apps and services and have come back to hosting my own ( but Feedly, Inoreader and Tiny Tiny RSS are all good alternatives.

It's Time to Get Back Into RSS | Daniel Miessler

Who led the digital transformation of your company?

This week Between the Hacks reports on a 238% increase in cyberattacks against the financial sector, Windows 10 quietly gets a packet sniffer, Google plans to unload resource-hogging ads, a Nigerian crime ring files fraudulent unemployment claims in multiple U.S. states, and a browser plug-in that helps prevent websites from tracking you online.

Push-button installer of macOS Catalina, Mojave, and High Sierra guests in Virtualbox for Windows, Linux, and macOS

"WRONG IS WRONG, even if everyone is doing it.
RIGHT IS RIGHT, even if no one is doing it."

- Attributed to Saint Augustine (and also to William Penn)

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