This week on Between the Hacks, Black Hat keynote addresses election security, more fallout from the Blackbaud breach, the NSA warns of location tracking abuse, 20 GB of Intel data is leaked and watch the DEF CON YouTube channel.

This week on Between the Hacks, data breaches galore, three arrested in the Twitter hack, will TikTok be banned?, the dumpster fire of the week and a nostalgic tool that’s useful and fun.

Avon, Drizly, Havenly & many others had data breached publicly online this week. If you didn’t get to the beach this year, don your swimsuit, grab a frozen drink and learn who was breached & how to be alerted of future breaches.

About three months ago I started drafting a blog about vulnerabilities. It's a big topic but this week I started a blog series where I explain vulnerabilities at a level that the average computer user can understand. Here is part 1 of 4.

This week on Between the Hacks, Garmin is under attack, a Twitter hack update, a data breach involving a university and non-profit cloud vendor, critical Adobe patches, and the DEF CON documentary.

This week on Between the Hacks, hacked Twitter accounts used in a bitcoin scam, a critical Windows server vulnerability, the UK proposed IoT security standards, the Internet goes down on Friday and a riveting book about how wormable malware created an enormous botnet.

This week on Between the Hacks, billions of leaked credentials found on the dark web, home routers are vulnerable, Instagram star extradited to the U.S. to face BEC charges, apps snooping your clipboard and The Internet’s Own Boy.

@hackerfantastic What kind of Linux laptop did you get? I'm shopping for one and looking for recommendations.

Many of our digital rights are impacted by COVID-19. Now more than ever, EFF is dedicated to ensuring that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all the people of the world. See our collected works to learn more about our efforts.

This week on Between the Hacks, July 4th Edition, voting vulnerabilities, Roblox hacked to promote Trump, a new bill that threatens encryption and free speech, the NSA shares VPN security strategies, and a book (and upcoming documentary) that reveals details of global cyber tension.

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