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Tactical Tech is looking for Digital Security Specialists to work on educational materials to train journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society on leading investigations & combating misinformation, esp in developing countries. Apply tacticaltech.org/news/digital-

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SCOOP: The U.S. Military is buying user location data harvested from a Muslim prayer app that has been downloaded by 98 million people around the world, is using this type of data for "counterterrorism"


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Wanna try something new!? monitoring of YouTube search answers, US (experimental) collection youtube.tracking.exposed/chiar RT please!🙏

I've just donated to LemmyNet. Consider donating too, every little helps! opencollective.com/lemmy via @opencollect

Announcing Global Privacy Control: Making it Easy for Consumers to Exercise Their Privacy Rights globalprivacycontrol.org/

Surveyed over 560 application security professionals and software developers to find out how organizations are adopting DevSecOps tools and practices

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We just uploaded videos of each talk from on Cyber Saiyan YT channel

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