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PhPmyAdmin SQL injection in user accounts page.

phpMyAdmin 4.x versions prior to 4.9.4 are affected, at least as old as 4.0.0. phpMyAdmin 5.x version 5.0.0 is affected.

Firefox 72.0.1 and FF ESR 68.4.1 available, fixing a critical security vulnerability exploited in targeted attacks:


– Mozilla: "We are aware of targeted attacks in the wild abusing this flaw."
– This updates the recently released Firefox 72.0 and FF ESR 68.4.0.
– There will be a Tor Browser update (9.0.4) and likely a Tails OS update soon.

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Quick Look: How to Harness Dev and Their Native Tools to Accelerate DevSecOpshttps://youtu.be/glsbp6MQ8vM

Company held hostage by ransomware shuts down, tells 300 employees to find new jobs.

A ransomware attack should never be enough to kill off your company.


awesome-mobile-security: An effort to build a single place for all useful android and iOS security related stuff.

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To celebrate this new decade, I have just released a new open source tool that could help security researchers on daily operations:

Check out the blog post for further info: certego.net/en/news/new-year-n

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Security for the 2020s: The Skills and Talent problem by Mario Platt link.medium.com/3Mo5FOUzR2

DEF CON 27 Monero Village - Dr Jeremy Gillula - Encrypting the Web Isnt Enough youtu.be/4KbaRVi1Vms

Seems that Mozilla and Mullvad are teaming up to provide Wireguard VPN service soon.

Firefox Private Network: VPN to Protect Your Entire Device

Use the VPN from Firefox for full-device protection for all apps. With servers in 30+ countries, you can connect to anywhere, from anywhere.


Google Fires Another Worker for Exercising her Rights and Protecting Coworkers from Illegal Company Retaliation by Kathryn Spiers link.medium.com/ifcA4uzHu2

DEF CON 27 Blue Team Village - claushoumann - Security Strategy for Small Medium Businesshttps://youtu.be/IebyD9q-G0E

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