removes and extensions from add-on portal. They were harvesting user and browsing histories
They are still available on the Web Store
Extensions are:
Avast Online Security
Avast SafePrice
AVG Online Security
AVG SafePrice

Blog post by FortyNorth Security: The Security of DevSecOps - Terraform Code -
Reading: 4 min
Published: 12/04/2019

Critical networks in US, 15 other nations, completely owned, possibly by Iran

You can join the effort to expose Twitter bots via cc

Eric Goldstrom - Interactive Threat Defense: Incident Response, Threat Intel, and Red Team (oh my!)

Twitter now, finally, lets you enable multi-factor authentication without requiring that SMS codes be an option!

If you feel even remotely at risk of account takeover, use an authenticator app and/or a security key, and disable SMS as an account option.

DEF CON 27 Conference - Bruce Schneier - Information Security in the Public Interest

Shout-out to that managed to create great software with chat, file sharing, git, stellar wallet and identity manager.


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