What is CTI and what makes a good CTI analyst? by @ComradeCookie@twitter.com link.medium.com/Z0NVZ7mUfZ

Stuck with stix2 import for observables, it won't take valid stix2. Issues have been already opened on that, I might have to try their python client.

Building a Valid Threat Library for Cloud Based Applications - OWASP AppSec EU 2018 Track youtu.be/W3k9HsqaebM via @AppSecEU@twitter.com

Building an AppSec Program with a Budget of $0: Beyond the OWASP Top 10 youtu.be/5RmHQKeXgk4

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Some “unhackable” voting equipment at ⁦@VotingVillageDC@twitter.com.

Threesome app 3fun exposed user locations and profile data tcrn.ch/2Yyw4Cq di @TechCrunch@twitter.com

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A malicious plugin called WP Security has been encrypting individual blog posts (an unusual behavior) and rendering the content unreadable. @sucurisecurity@twitter.com

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Here is a 0day in Steam. This bug has been publicly disclosed (amonitoring.ru/article/steamcl), so I'm opening up my PoC. No blog post since @PsiDragon@twitter.com covered it nicely.

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Yesterday @Twitter@twitter.com disclosed that it may have shared your data with advertising partners without your consent for months.

The entire AdTech industry needs fixing, but @Twitter@twitter.com could do much more already.

Our response:

Whistleblower vindicated in Cisco cybersecurity case abcn.ws/2KidmF1 di @ABC@twitter.com

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