Anyone have any good mailing list alternatives to Google Groups? Looking to start a new collaboration but I don’t want to require a Google account. Preferably that I don’t have to host myself (but it can be arranged if necessary).

To everyone following this the best option I found (at first, wait a second) was GNU Mailman. It had everything you’d want but in typical GNU fashion was basically impossible to get set up on a server in less than the long weekend.

So after sinking three days into poorly documented docker-compose files I just ended up going with Took 10 minutes, the free tier is great and it allows private boards.

@cguess It's self hosted and super beta grade and you'll have problems with "anti spam" systems, but I did build a thing for a similar need years ago:

@cguess @rysiek I have not tried this, but when Yahoo changed its groups, I saw people recommending
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