@aendra oh this is fantastic! Thank you, much appreciated.

I'd love to move @tecc to 4estate.media, since Masthead has been... overrun due to lack of active administration/moderation. I'll properly request an account of course, using whatever process ends up on the About page.

This is a young and small fact-checking operation between myself and @cguess . I hope it's eligible for a fedi home at 4estate.media.

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is seriously worried about Apple. He had long labeled the phone manufacturing company as “one of [Facebook’s] biggest competitors”” (mazech.com/2021/01/facebook-ac)

Naw. They’re your dealer and finally cutting you off. Withdrawals suck but they’re not usually deadly.

I found a bug in the iPad app and would love to run up a PR. Anyone know where the repo is?

Hey #FLOSS #Privacy #Fediverse, is there any non-google, ethical, metrics service for app metrics out there? Asking for a @cguess :blobcatcoffee:

Doing a million little things is as exhausting as one big thing, but somehow less rewarding.

Cybersecurity practitioners often underestimate the importance of compatibility and usability. xkcd.com/2365/

Any tips out there for a basic cloud smtp server for an owncloud instance? We don’t have team email or anything. Mail gun? AWS? Something else? Just user sign up and notification emails, but we don’t want them to bounce due to a sketchy spam server. (Doesn’t have to be free)

RT @gbnewby@twitter.com: The HOPE Matrix will be continuing! It will become hosted by the Matrix mother ship, rather than self-hosted by 2600, for the after-HOPE discussions.

This will allow some continuity of the great community that was HOPE 2020!

Keep hearing mastodon notification sounds in the #HOPE talk and it took me like three times to grok that it's coming from the video^^

Computers can't solve fake news but it can help humans work on the problem. A new article by my colleagues Bill Adair and Mark Stencel niemanlab.org/2020/07/a-lesson

"voting software should always be fre-"

Voting software should not exist. Software should not be involved in casting ballots. Period. No such thing should exist. It's not possible to do it right in theory, it sure as shit will never happen in practice.

Paper. Ballots. Paper. Ballots. Paper. Ballots. If you don't understand and insist on using anything electronic, it better fucking have a paper backup copy that cannot be disabled.

Electronic voting is stupid, man. It's universally stupid.

Just in case you are as confused as I am about all of the various Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services


To everyone following this the best option I found (at first, wait a second) was GNU Mailman. It had everything you’d want but in typical GNU fashion was basically impossible to get set up on a server in less than the long weekend.

So after sinking three days into poorly documented docker-compose files I just ended up going with groups.io. Took 10 minutes, the free tier is great and it allows private boards.

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Developer Pro Tip:

When you copy code from stackoverflow, make sure it's from the answer, not the question.

Anyone have any good mailing list alternatives to Google Groups? Looking to start a new collaboration but I don’t want to require a Google account. Preferably that I don’t have to host myself (but it can be arranged if necessary).

RT @TheBADASS_army@twitter.com

2 weeks into our awareness month campaign, and it’s going swimmingly!! Here’s all of our infographics thus far, to help you get yourself and your friends and lovers secure!!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/TheBADASS_army/sta

Deployed 82nd Airborne unit told to use these encrypted messaging apps on government cell phones

“Unfortunately, those apps are more secure than texting in the clear, which is more or less the alternative. Granted, if a hostile party has access to the handset, that encryption isn’t particularly helpful.”


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