Keep hearing mastodon notification sounds in the #HOPE talk and it took me like three times to grok that it's coming from the video^^

Computers can't solve fake news but it can help humans work on the problem. A new article by my colleagues Bill Adair and Mark Stencel

"voting software should always be fre-"

Voting software should not exist. Software should not be involved in casting ballots. Period. No such thing should exist. It's not possible to do it right in theory, it sure as shit will never happen in practice.

Paper. Ballots. Paper. Ballots. Paper. Ballots. If you don't understand and insist on using anything electronic, it better fucking have a paper backup copy that cannot be disabled.

Electronic voting is stupid, man. It's universally stupid.

Just in case you are as confused as I am about all of the various Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

To everyone following this the best option I found (at first, wait a second) was GNU Mailman. It had everything you’d want but in typical GNU fashion was basically impossible to get set up on a server in less than the long weekend.

So after sinking three days into poorly documented docker-compose files I just ended up going with Took 10 minutes, the free tier is great and it allows private boards.

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Developer Pro Tip:

When you copy code from stackoverflow, make sure it's from the answer, not the question.

Anyone have any good mailing list alternatives to Google Groups? Looking to start a new collaboration but I don’t want to require a Google account. Preferably that I don’t have to host myself (but it can be arranged if necessary).


2 weeks into our awareness month campaign, and it’s going swimmingly!! Here’s all of our infographics thus far, to help you get yourself and your friends and lovers secure!!


Deployed 82nd Airborne unit told to use these encrypted messaging apps on government cell phones

“Unfortunately, those apps are more secure than texting in the clear, which is more or less the alternative. Granted, if a hostile party has access to the handset, that encryption isn’t particularly helpful.”

Anyone happen to be unloading a ticket to Shmoocon in DC at the end of the month? Turns out I’ll be in town and would love to join in.

Remember, anyone at who's having problems with being overwhelemed, you can always dip out and see "Cats" to remind you it can always get much, much weirder.

Turns out opting out of @JFKairport
's new super creepy (and definitely not secure face scanning boarding means you board even earlier because the counter doesn't want to deal. (Also, it takes exactly the same amount of time to scan your pass as your face)

Going to try this federated thing through this year and see how it goes. Any good accounts to follow around journalism, Ruby or New York City?

Signal Foundation has ~100M USD assets. And yet Signal Desktop is still annoyingly crappy Electron app.

It literally locks up for a second or two when I write a message longer than 5 characters.

Guys, seriously. Can you please get your shit together.

Ethereum classic blocks rolled back (51% attack) 

Looks like spending vast amounts of electricity still isn't enough to get distributed consensus for an e-currency:

'Red suppository' jokes are underrated imho.

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