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Patronizers: check your Patreon messages.

#fmjail sponsors: check your tiltedwindmillpress.com account.

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"Kubernetes is the 800-pound gorilla of container orchestration.

Especially for smaller teams, it can be time-consuming to maintain and has a steep learning curve. For what our team of four wanted to achieve at trivago, it added too much overhead. So we looked into alternatives — and fell in love with Nomad."


"mXtract - Memory Extractor & Analyzer" (for Linux, quite young but interesting)


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MT @Hiroki_Sato@twitter.com "#AsiaBSDCon 2019 paper session will start in 15 min. If you won't be there, check URLs on the live streaming page at 2019.asiabsdcon.org/streaming. "

Note(s) from me, brynet@:

Program guide: 2019.asiabsdcon.org/program.ht

It's almost 8:49pm on Friday, March 22nd here (EDT/Ontario Canda), talks for Day 3 (Paper Session 1) are beginning in about 10 minutes. Or 10am in Japan. :flan_thumbs:

4min installation,

full system including:
openbgpd, pf, carp, httpd, opensmtpd, spamd, W^X, ASLR, PID/TCPseq/malloc randomization, unveil/pledge, vmd, openrsync, -systemd, ...

1GB on disk used,

binary or src upgrades,
binary or src packages/ports,

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Turns out #passwords just suck when typing is difficult. I'm setting up my friend Maurice's #openbsd laptop from scratch again. This time with password-less disk encryption and #textsuggest which is now in snapshot packages. A keydisk will unlock the laptop and the machine will auto-login to a #gnome desktop :flan_thumbs:

does anybody know if rpki-client (the one initiated by job snijders) will be available under 6.5 ? not sure the client is mature or stable enough, but if anybody got some news about it...

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Mastodon via Gopher. "This is really a pretty minimal wrapper over mastodon.py, providing just enough to make it feasible to read & post toots via a Gopher client.”


A tool to perform Kerberos pre-auth bruteforcing (or locking accounts... sic)


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Around 18% of HTTPS connections are being detected as intercepted by MITM proxies (ie. Bluecoat et al.) malcolm.cloudflare.com/ #privacy #HTTPS #cloudflare

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OpenBSD 6.4 errata 015, March 22, 2019:

A state in pf could pass ICMP packets to a destination IP address
that did not match the state.


$ doas syspatch your systems!


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Holy shit a CW for no cw ... I'm a child of the 70s to 80s. I never understood why the run bsd stickers appealed to me. Now, I understand #knowledge

"Actual photo of Alexander Bastrykin, the head of Russia's Investigative Committee. Picture is from his press service last week"

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