Friends - I’m interviewing a candidate for a staff security researcher.

What are some questions that help me get a feel for their experience and personality? I’m the “people” section so I have find out how this person can translate technical findings to different audiences.

@bzdata tell me about a finding that you had to commmunicate to leadership even thought you didn’t want to.

@TheGibson “even though you didn’t want to” is so key. Thanks!

@bzdata Ask to see published articles. Also ask what work they do on their own.

@stacksmasher yes I always ask the what are your other projects and what brought you to this subject matter

@bzdata "What do you hope this job is, and what do you hope this job isn't?"

@bzdata @jerry give them a sample finding. Ask them how they'd explain it to $X, who doesn't think there's a risk. Repeat with $X being various roles they'll need to adapt too

This guages technical skills *and* political/personal savvy.

@darrenpmeyer @jerry those are politically savvy questions! Thanks team!

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