I want to engage with more on the fediverse. This is coming from an extrovert going a BIT stir crazy given WFH and many things in SF closed.

What are some of your favorite instances, outside of the wonderful brought to us by @jerry

I'm on Fosstodon, as are a lot of other people.

What I did to populate my feed was checking out the big instances on and looked for active, high follower count users on the Discover Users page for each big instance.

That was basically enough to break into other sections of the fediverse without making like a million alts (although I maintain three for social stuff, software and political shitposting anyway).

edit: unpinged jerry lol

@bzdata yeah, I still talk politics on my main but not with the irreverence and anger I reserve for my alt

@orangelamp i made a coffee account because I REALLY love coffee

@bzdata and both have a lot of great people. can’t been for quantity of people, though.

@jerry @bzdata

Thanks Jerry!

bzdata, if you need an invite, just let me know.

@TheGibson happy to be the newest hackers townie! Send along :)

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