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Looking for a vulnerability management software in which you can import a list of Debian packages, Python packages, Go modules, etc, and that will keep track of the vulnerabilities and alert me. Do you have any recommendation? Bonus point if it is libre.

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Current debate: what qualifies a vuln as "0-day"? After hearing someone use it in a way that surprised me, I asked 3 others and got 4 new answers, so…

What's your definition of "0-day"?

Boosts for wide sampling appreciated

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BookWyrm is a book reading platform for the Fediverse, like a federated alternative to Goodreads. It lets people keep track of what they're reading, post reviews and read other people's reviews.

There's more info on the website at and the project's account at @bookwyrm

You can find a list of instances to join at

If you're technically skilled, you can install your own instance using the instructions at

#FediTips #Fediverse #BookWyrm #GoodReads #Alternatives

The best thing about moving is getting to realize you “need” new things in your office setup. I’m now exploring a new machine with system76.

Has anyone played with ?

I forgot how horrible it is to setup a Mac to develop anything. Xcode 🙄

Anyone ever realize it’s been a while since logging back into the fediverse? too 😖🤫 Hi friends!

Looks like I’ll be remote for a significant portion of the spring and summer.

I’m looking to buy a desktop setup rather than power through day after day with a MacBook Air.

Please share your must have wfh/remote work supplies or office setups so I can get some inspiration :)

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Are you concerned about Privacy? A good friend is working on a pretty amazing project and could use some exposure. Check out Projekt: Oni!

Friends - I’m interviewing a candidate for a staff security researcher.

What are some questions that help me get a feel for their experience and personality? I’m the “people” section so I have find out how this person can translate technical findings to different audiences.

I want to engage with more on the fediverse. This is coming from an extrovert going a BIT stir crazy given WFH and many things in SF closed.

What are some of your favorite instances, outside of the wonderful brought to us by @jerry

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University of Cincinnati made their malware reverse engineering classes public:

What do you think, fediverse folks... will defcon get cancelled?

Probably one of my least busy “at the con” this year. I was working A LOT but just not around moscone.

And now, off on a quick weekend holiday for

Who’s in town for ? Let’s do a fediverse meetup!

Another observation: why isn’t cancelled given the pandemic?

There’s something wrong about celebrating NH’s “offline”, “no tech” primary voting. This is coming from someone who has spent a lot of time in the 603/Live Free or Die state. And this is just celebrating us sticking our heads in the sand

I want to be more privacy forward with my cloud storage. I’ve been a Dropbox user for more than a decade. Should I stay with it or move elsewhere? Anyone have thoughts on Tresorit?

Has anyone else noticed that Facebook and Twitter are CISO-less? And that it’s an election year?

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