Funemployment does have its perks.

Also - has anyone in infosec read Murakami? As I’m rereading more of his work, I believe he saw opportunities of hacking and other vulnerabilities in daily life with his surrealism

Well now it’s real. I’ve been laid off.

SF transplants, please take this an opportunity to learn about earthquake safety

- Home preparedness:
- Drop/Cover/Hold On:

A good friend of mine at work just got laid off. No indication of his work, personal or professional issues. Just “business”. But it’s just him. Not a department or team. Seems a bit off.

The number of diverse candidates in this co is now down to 1 hand

Has anyone in the verse heard of or developed on Voiceflow before?

Hmm trade offs: At a tech meetup with decent food but doesn’t start remotely on time. Would you rather have good food/drinks and not start on time or the reverse?

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Attackers are spreading fake versions of Proton #Android apps to gain access to people’s devices. Learn how to protect your device from fake Proton apps:

It’s been an interesting past few days professionally. Looking to start brushing off the dust on my resume. Let me know if you know of any product roles in the infosec/cyber space, fed fam!

I'm doing research on root cause analysis and problem solving skills - I miss bringing in RCA visualizations and risk trees. And dare I say -- want to bring it back?!

I spent most of the day going through things in my place and gifting it to my siblings who are visiting or trashing all together. Removing the clutter in my life is the most liberating feeling!

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hey there!

mention someone you'd want me to interview! I'm going to say fuck it and start doing my interview series

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Anyone else who travels feel like it’s just an OSINT researcher’s dream? Your name & address on IDs, you see names on standby, company logos on bags, social media posts of your name and locator numbers...

So sad I won’t be headed to defcon this year. Anyone else sitting it out this year?

I’m in NYC this week for pride and sticking around for the Fourth. I already have @maxeddy down for coffee. Any other takers for a hangout in Manhattan?

Hope everyone is kicking off summer in whatever they like doing! I’m out enjoying comedy and music in SF at a festival. Cheers!

Wow haven’t been on mastodon in a while. Hi friends! I’m baaaaaack

What wasn't emphasized enough at : GET YOUR USERS USING BETTER PASSWORDS!

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