Another observation: why isn’t cancelled given the pandemic?

CSO of Pinterest speaking about cyber risk and flying blind when it comes to security postures that work

There’s something wrong about celebrating NH’s “offline”, “no tech” primary voting. This is coming from someone who has spent a lot of time in the 603/Live Free or Die state. And this is just celebrating us sticking our heads in the sand

I want to be more privacy forward with my cloud storage. I’ve been a Dropbox user for more than a decade. Should I stay with it or move elsewhere? Anyone have thoughts on Tresorit?

Has anyone else noticed that Facebook and Twitter are CISO-less? And that it’s an election year?

I love the thread with @TheGibson. Kicking this toot off: anyone else considering a talk at DEFCON or BSides? Let’s talk! Brainstorm! Beat out your imposter syndrome!

It’s Feb and that means the countdown to RSA is upon us.

If you’re coming to SF, please reach out if you need taco, coffee or any other type of local recommendations!

I’m now working at the intersection of insurance and cybersecurity. And it’s just a crazy world of money being thrown at problems

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Oh dear God.

Oh dear GOD. It’s going to involve blockchain. So you’re going to pull two gigabytes to see your timeline on mobile devices instead of using something sensible and friendly to people.

Why won’t this blockchain trend die off?! (

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hackernews nerds don't know the difference between distributed, decentralized, and federated. so here's an oversimplification:

distributed: when separate systems coördinate. placement of authority is a differentiating factor of their design.

decentralized: distributed system that can elect to defer or migrate central authority. mutable actions may be negotiated.

federated: distributed system that has nomadic and often competitive authorities. actors negotiate their own activity at any point.

I really want every corporate traveler to have a privacy screen.

At the airport and seeing this guy do a m&a deck (IN GOOGLE DRIVE?!?) without a privacy screen. I really hope he’s not on public WiFi

Back in Seattle. I love having family here but still can’t pull the trigger and fully move here for a job. I love SF too much. And it’s cold here. 🥶

Got in this evening after a weekend w family and my partner. I’m home alone. No roommate, partner. And I’m proud to say I used the fee time to reset all household passwords and update all firmware. Most of the evening spent on unmounting a pesky NAS device. Glad funemployment is benefitting my home in terms of privacy and updates :)

Infosec friends - I’m seeing a lot of funding and opportunities in the cyber insurance space. Does anyone have thoughts on the recent cyber insurance/risk startups? I’m keen on learning more before taking on another startup opportunity.

DM or respond openly :)

My college in Boston is looking to add to the CS department. If you’re looking to add “Professor” to your resume and interested in advancing women in tech, please take a look at the JD.

Before you disqualify yourself, this position is open to not just PhDs, but also people with master’s degrees in CS or a related field with 5+ years of professional experience.

Sorry not sorry for posting non infotech things lately.

Here’s an aerial shot of San Francisco 🌆🌉

Funemployment does have its perks.

Also - has anyone in infosec read Murakami? As I’m rereading more of his work, I believe he saw opportunities of hacking and other vulnerabilities in daily life with his surrealism

SF transplants, please take this an opportunity to learn about earthquake safety

- Home preparedness:
- Drop/Cover/Hold On:

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