Anyone else who travels feel like it’s just an OSINT researcher’s dream? Your name & address on IDs, you see names on standby, company logos on bags, social media posts of your name and locator numbers...

So sad I won’t be headed to defcon this year. Anyone else sitting it out this year?

I’m in NYC this week for pride and sticking around for the Fourth. I already have @maxeddy down for coffee. Any other takers for a hangout in Manhattan?

Hope everyone is kicking off summer in whatever they like doing! I’m out enjoying comedy and music in SF at a festival. Cheers!

Wow haven’t been on mastodon in a while. Hi friends! I’m baaaaaack

What wasn't emphasized enough at : GET YOUR USERS USING BETTER PASSWORDS!

Oh no running late to . Just need some coffee to get ready for today’s sessions. Toot if you’ll be there!

First toot on the verse 😀

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