There are two natural paths to progress as a programmer:

1. Pick up farming, because all software is terrible.
2. Get into infosec, because f*** all software.

@bugshiv Uhm, farming has become one of the most high-tech occupations ever.

@bugshiv Well, only if your're into hardcare craftmanship, CNC-machines are pretty common there as well.

@bugshiv @whvholst

Even brothels now employ robots, so your hope is kinda running away :)

@awesome_leonid @whvholst guess that solidifies:

"2. Get into infosec, because f*** all software."

@awesome_leonid @bugshiv Well, at some point the artisanal, heirloom grade hand job will be a thing.

@bugshiv I chose security because I fucking hate computers and I want to murder all of them

@bugshiv I moved from development to support.

I moved from Washington DC to rural north GA.

I started farming for myself and my family.

This is supporting evidence.

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